Towards a Global Community : Educating for Tomorrow`s World

Towards a Global Community : Educating for Tomorrow`s World
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Global Strategic Directions for the Asia-Pacific Region
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William J. Campbell
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7, Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects

PART 1.- 1. J.Campbell : Introduction.- 2. J.Campbell, N.Baikaloff: Transnational Visions of Desirable Futures.- 3. J.Campbell, N.Baikaloff, C.Power: Transnational Judgements of Required Human Attributes.- PART 2.- 4. C.Power: Basic Education for All. 5.- M.Henry: Educating to Meet Developmental Needs. 6.- A.Blum: Introducing the Right to Food and Sustainable Environment into a Curriculum. 7.- R.Bawden: Educating for Capability and Inclusive Well-Being. 8.- D. Lopez da Silveira: A Social Justice Study: Brazil. 9.- J.Lawley: Educating for Caring and Humane Connections. 10.- D.Woolman: Educating for Conflict Resolution and Peace. 11.- V.Jakar, E.Lucas: Educating for Conflict Resolution in a Troubled Region. 12.- R.Gilbert: Educating World Citizens: A Curriculum for Citizenship Education. 13.- J.Lo Bianco: Educating for Citizenship in a Global Community: World Kids, World Citizens and Global Education.
This book is the outcome of a global study undertaken on behalf of the World Education Fellowship (WEF) in collaboration with UNESCO. It provides education policy makers with evidence to support programs that address the major challenges faced by education systems in the next decade. It contains case studies, and it expands on the work done by UNESCO's International Commission on Education for the 21st Century (the Delors Report).

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