Metal Catalysed Reactions in Ionic Liquids

Metal Catalysed Reactions in Ionic Liquids
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Catalysis by Metal Complexes
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Paul J. Dyson
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29, Catalysis by Metal Complexes

Introduction: A Brief History of Biphasic Catalysis.- The Importance of Biphasic Catalysis.- The Alternatives to Aqueous-Organic Biphasic Processes.- Key Developments in the Chemistry of Ionic Liquids.- General Properties of Ionic Liquids that Lend Themselves to Catalysis.-References.- Ionic Liquids - Properties and Preparation: Introduction.- Composition and Physical Properties of Ionic Liquids.- Synthesis of Ionic Liquids.- Functionalised Ionic Liquids.- Toxicological and Environmental Concerns.- References.- Hydrogenation: Introduction.- Hydrogen Solubility in Ionic Liquids.- Ionic Liquids in Hydrogenation Reactions.- Ionic Liquids in Hydrogenation Reactions.- Nanoparticle Catalysts.- Supported Ionic Liquid Catalysis. Supported Ionic Liquid Catalysis.-References.- Hydroformylation: Introduction.- Gas and Substrate Solubility in Ionic Liquids .- Hydroformylation in Ionic Liquids.- Ligand Design.- Influence of the Solvent.- Special Processes.- Outlook.- References.- Oxidation Reactions: Oxidants.- Ionic Liquids for Oxidation Reactions.- Oxidation of Alkenes.- Oxidation of Alcohols and Thiols.- Other Oxidation Reactions.- Conclusion.- References.- Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reactions: Introduction.- Catalyst Stability in Ionic Liquid Mediated.- Heck Coupling Reactions.- Other Palladium Catalysed Cross-Coupling Reactions.- Allylic Alkylation.- References.- Olefin Metathesis: Introduction.- General Considerations.- Task-Specific Catalysts.- Ring -Opening Polymerisation.- Concluding Remarks.- References.- Dimerisation - Polymerisation: Dimerisation and Oligomerisation.- Polymerisation.- References.- Miscellaneous Reactions.- Halogenation and De-Halogenation.- Addition to Carbon-Hetero Multiple Bonds.- Aromatic Substitution Reactions.- Cycloadditions.- Isomerisation and Rearrangements.- Addition to Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds.- Concluding Remarks.- References.- Index.- Abbreviations
Metal Catalysed Reactions in Ionic Liquids is the first non-edited book on the subject of metal catalyzed reactions in ionic liquids to cover the literature from its origins until early 2005.
Following a general introduction to the field of biphasic/multiphasic catalysis, the book moves on to describe the synthesis, the functionalisation, and fundamental properties of ionic liquids relevant to catalysis. It then analyses the catalysed reactions according to their type, encompassing hydrogenation, hydroformylation, oxidation, C-C coupling reactions, metathesis, dimerisation, polymerisation and more. Trends, generalisations, advantages and disadvantages of ionic liquids for specific reaction types are also examined as well as specific processes such as supported ionic liquid phase catalysis, continuous processes using CO2 extraction and nanoparticle catalysis.

Metal Catalysed Reactions in Ionic Liquids is of interest to those working in catalysis/green chemistry, in particular to advanced level undergraduate and  graduate students and researchers in bi- or multiphasic catalysis using ionic liquids.

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