Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of The Logos 4

Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of The Logos 4
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The Logos of Scientific Interrogation. Participating in Nature-Life-Sharing in Life
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A.T. Tymieniecka
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91, Analecta Husserliana

Theme.- Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka: To come.- Interrogative Logos of Discovery.- Maria Golaszewska: Scientific Knowledge and Human Knowledge.- Leo Zonnerveld: Science in Mind: Exploring the Language of the Logos.- Aria Omrani: 'Objective Science' in Husserlian Life-World Phenomenology.- Nikolay Kozhevnikov: Phenomenological Aspects of Natural Coordinate System.- Wendy C. Hamblet: Alienation and Wholeness: Spinoza, Hans Jonas, and the Human Genome Project on the 'Push and Shove' of Mortal Being.- Alexander Kouzmin: M. Heidegger's Project for the Optical Interpretation of Reflexion: The Time, The Reflexion and the Logos.- A.L. Samian: 'Phenomena' in Newton's Mathematical Experience.- Eldon C. Wait: What Computers Could Never do: An Existential Phenomenological Critique of the Program of Artificial Intelligence.- Arthur Piper: Sensible Models in Cognitive Neuroscience.- Roberto Verolini and Fabio Petrelli: Philosophical Aspects of the New Evolutionistic Paradigms.- Ignacy S. Fiut: Phenomenology and Ecophilosophy.- Leszek Pyra: Men in Front of Animals.- Societal Sharing-In-Life.- Gary Backhaus: Toward a Cultural Phenomenology.- W. Kim Rogers: Contexts: The Landscapes of Human Life.- Natalia M. Smirnova: Schutz's Conception of Relevances and its Influence on Social Philosophy.- Anjana Bhattacharjee: Demonstrating Mobility.- Amy Louise Miller: The Phenomenology of Self as Non-Local: Theoretical Considerations and Research Report.- Logos in Existential Communication (Psychiatry).- Simon du Plock: An Existential-Phenomenological Critique of Philosophical Counselling.- Camilo Serranto Bonitto: Logos in Psychotherapy: Phenomenon of Encounter and Hope in the Psychotherapeutic Relationship.- Jarlath Finan McKenna: The Meaningfulness of Mental Health as Being Within a World of Apparent Meaningless Being.- Olga Louchakova: Ontopoiesis and Union in the Prayer of the Heart: Contributions to Psychotherapy and Learning.- Elva Syristová: Das Lachen als die Kehrseite der Existenziellen not. Beitrag zur Phänomenologie einer Grenzsituation des Lebens.- Index of names.- Appendix: The Program of the Oxford Third World Congress.
Prompted and ever diversified by the specifically human interrogative logos, scientific inquiries seek a common system of links in order to mutually confirm and rectify their results. Coming closer and closer to phenomenology, the sciences of life find the common ground of the reality in the ontopoiesis of life.

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