From Cells to Proteins: Imaging Nature across Dimensions

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Held in Pisa, Italy, 12-23 September 2004
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NATO Security through Science Series NATO Security through Science Series B: Physics and Biophysics

Preface. Optical Microscopy for Cell Imaging; J.M. Girkin.-Introduction to Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy; F. Verni, S. Gabrielli.-
Potential and Limitation of Cytochemistry; G. Rosati, S. Gabrielli.-
Cryotechniques For Electron Microscopy: A Minireview; P. Lupetti.-
Cell Membrane Specializations As Revealed by The Freeze-Fracture Technique; R. Dallai.-
Imaging, Measuring And Manipulating Biological Matter From The Millimeter To Nanometer Scale; D. Stoffler, U. Aebi.-
Inside The Small Length And Energy Scales Of The World Of The Individual Biological Molecule; M. Sandal et al.-
Scanning Probe Microscopy Across Dimensions; C. Gebeshuber et al.-
Imaging Cells Using Soft X-Rays; T.W. Ford.-
From Microscopy To Nanoscopy: How To Get And Read Optical Data At Single Molecule Level Using Confocal And Two-Photon Excitation Microscopy; A. Diaspro et al.-
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) And Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM); T.M. Jovin et al.-
Quantum Dots, a New Tool for Real-Time In Vivo Imaging; D.J. Arndt Jovin et al.-
Image Acquisition and its Automation in Fluorescence Microscopy; M. Kozubek.-
Stereological and Digital Methods for Estimating Geometrical Characteristics of Biological Structures Using Confocal Microscopy; L. Kubínová.-
Wavelength As The Fourth Dimension In Light Microscopy; V. Evangelista et al.-
Time as the Fifth Dimension in Microscopy; P. Coltelli et al.-
Image Deconvolution; M. Bertero, P. Boccacci.-
Image Formation In Fluorescence Microscopy: Three-Dimensional Mathematical Model; G. Vicidomini.-
Atomic Force Microscopy Study On The Pellicle Of The Alga Euglena Gracilis; F. Sbrana et al.-
Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Pili in the Cyanobacterium Synechocystis Sp. Pcc 6803; E.V. Dubrovin et al.-
Changes of Algae Protein Complex Under Ph Effect; T.V. Parshikova.-
Leaf Fluorescence as Diagnostic Tool for Monitoring Vegetation;S. Apostol.-
Dynamic Holography for Study of Nonlinear Optical Processes in Biological Photoreceptor Molecule; E. Korchemskaya et al.-
'Seeing' Lipid Membranes by Solid-State Nmr; V. Castro.-
Visuomotor Coordination in Behaving Pigeons Following Post-Hatching Monocular Experience: An Image Analysis Study; G. Cesaretti et al.-
Index.- List of Contributors.
How deep we can see inside Nature's smallest secrets? Will it be possible some day in the near future to investigate living structures at atomic level? This area of study is very interdisciplinary, since it applies the principles and the techniques of biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering to elucidate the structures of biological macromolecules, of supramolecular structures, organelles, and cells. This book offers updated information on how much information we are able to obtain in the exploration of the inner details of biological specimens in their native structure and composition.

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