Turkish Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science

Turkish Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science
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Gurol Irzik
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248x169x24 mm
244, Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science

About the Contributors. 1. Gürol Irzik and Güven Güzeldere: Introductory Remarks. 2. Güven Güzeldere: An Interview with Maria Reichenbach and David Kaplan. Part I. Philosophy Of Formal And Physical Sciences.
3. Teo Grünberg: Demarcation of the Logical Constants and Logical Truth in terms of Analyticity. 4. Hüseyin Yilmaz: General Theory of Relativity and the 5th Test. 5. Yalçin Koç: Implications of the Geometry of Quantum Mechanical Perfect Correlation Functions Concerning 'Bell's Theorem without Inequalities'.
Part II. Epistemological And Methodological Issues In Science.
6. Ümit Yalçin: Quine's Robust Relativism. 7. David Grünberg: Confirmation of Theoretical Hypotheses: Bootstrapping with a Bayesian Face. 8. Erdinç Sayan: Idealizations and Approximations in Science, and the Bayesian Theory of Confirmation. 9. Celal Sengör: Repeated Independent Discovery and 'Objective Evidence" in Science: An Example from Geology. 10. Samet Bagçe: A Study on the Heuristic of Saccheri's Euclides.
Part III. Philosophy Of Language And Mind.
11. Ilhan Inan: Discovery and Inostensible De Re Knowledge. 12. Karanfil Soyhun: Implications of the Semantics and Pragmatics Distinction for Philosophy of Science. 13. Murat Aydede: Computation and Functionalism: Syntactic Theory of Mind Revisited.
Part IV. Causes And Action.
14. Arda Denkel: Causation, Parts, and Properties. 15. Sun Demirli: Causal Relations in Hume. 16. Berent Enç: How Causes can Rationalize: Belief-Desire Explanations of Actions.
Part V. Ottoman Science Studies.
17. Berna Kilinç: Ottoman Science Studies-A Review. 18. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu: Institutionalization of Sciencein the Medreses of pre-Ottoman and Ottoman Turkey. 19. Osman R. Bahadir and H. Günhan Danisman: Late Ottoman and Early Republican Science Periodicals: Center and Periphery Relationship in Dissemimation of Knowledge.
As an academic discipline, the philosophy and history of science in Turkey was marked by two historical events: Hans Reichenbach's immigrating to Turkey and taking a post between 1933 and 1938 at Istanbul University prior to his tenure at UCLA, and Aydin Sayili's establishing a chair in the history of science in 1952 after having become the first student to receive a Ph.D. under George Sarton at Harvard University. Since then, both disciplines have flourished in Turkey.
Rezension"Philosophy is alive and well in Turkey. This is a wonderful volume, chock-full of first-rate essay by Turkish philosophers and historians of science. Readers will also learn something about the early days of analytical philosophy in Turkey. The interview that Güven Güzeldere conducted with Maria Reichenbach and David Kaplan is a fascinating read. If, however, your department is fighting for more office space, keep the volume out of the hands of your university administrators. Maria Reichenbach reports: `Hans by the way shared an office with Bertrand Russell when he was at UCLA'." (Brian McLaughlin, Professor and Chair, Philosophy Department, Rutgers University) "This is a collection of excellently written essays of remarkable breadth that exhibits the achievements of contemporary Turkish philosophers and historians of science. The interview with Maria Reichenbach and David Kaplan is necessary reading for anyone interested in the history of 20th century philosophy of science." (Peter Machamer, Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, The University of Pittsburgh)

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