Discoveries in Photosynthesis

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20, Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration

Form the Series Editor, Preface A personal tribute to an eminent photosynthesis researcher, Martin D. Kamen (1913-2002) Biographies of the Editors Colour Plates Part I Editorials: Celebrating the Millennium - Historical Highlights of Photosynthesis Research, Part 1.- Part 2.- Part 3 .- Part II Overviews and Timelines: History of the word photosynthesis and evolution of its definition.- In one era and out the other.- Timeline of discoveries: Anoxygenic photosynthesis.- Discoveries in oxygenic photosynthesis (1727-2002): a perspective.- Part III Tributes: 'And whose bright presence'-an appreciation of Robert Hill and his reaction.- The Contributions of James Franck to photosynthetic research: a tribute.- Hydrogen metabolism of green algae: discovery and early research-a tribute to Hans Gaffron and his coworkers.- Samuel Ruben's contributions to research on photosynthesis and bacterial metabolism with radioactive carbon. Contributions of Henrik Lundegårdh.-Part IV Excitation Energy Transfer: Photosynthetic exciton theory in the 1960s.- Excitation energy trapping in anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria.- Fluorescence lifetime, yield, energy transfer and spectrum in photosynthesis, 1950-1960.- Visualization of excitation energy transfer processes in plants and algae.-Plastoquinone redox control of chloroplast thylakoid protein phosphorylation and distribution of excitation energy between photosystems: discovery, background, implications.- Excitation transfer between photosynthetic units: the 1964 experiment.-Part V Reaction Centers: Research on photosynthetic reaction centers from 1932 to 1987.- Chlorophyll chemistry before and after crystals of photosynthetic reaction centers.- Electron donors and acceptors in the initial steps of photosynthesis in purple bacteria: a personal account.- My daily constitutional in Martinsried.- The two-electron gate in photosynthetic bacteria.- Steps on the way to building-blocks, 3-D crystalsand X-ray structural analysis of photosystem I and II of water-oxidizing photosynthesis. a personal account.- The identification of the Photosystem II reaction center: a personal story.- The isolated Photosystem II reaction center: first attempts to directly measure the kinetics of primary charge separation.- Discovery of pheophytin function in the photosynthetic energy conversion as the primary electron acceptor of Photosystem II.- Engine of life and big bang of evolution.- Role of bicarbonate at the acceptor side of Photosystem II.- Unraveling the PS I reaction center: a long history or the sum of many efforts.- Photosystem I reaction center: past and future.- P 430: a retrospective, 1971-2001.- Part VI Oxygen Evolution: Apparatus and mechanism of photosynthetic oxygen evolution: a personal perspective.- Period-four oscillations of the flash-induced oxygen formation in photosynthesis.- Period four oscillations in chlorophyll a fluorescence- Chloride and calcium in Photosystem II: from effects to enigma.- The bicarbonate effect, oxygen evolution, and the shadow of Otto Warburg.- Early indications for manganese oxidation state changes during photosynthetic oxygen production.-Part VII Light-harvesting and Pigment-protein Complexes: Purple bacterial light-harvesting complexes: From dreams to structures.- The Fenna-Matthews-Olson protein.- Physical separation of chlorophyll-protein complexes.-How the chlorophyll-proteins got their names.- Phycobiliproteins and phycobilisomes: the early observations.- Part VIII Electron Transport and ATP Synthesis: Discovery and characterization of electron transfer proteins in the photosynthetic bacteria.- Membrane-anchored cytochrome c as an electron carrier in photosynthesis and respiration: past, present and future of an unexpected discovery.- The Q-cycle:a personal perspective.- The isolation of functional cytochrome b6-f complex: From lucky encounter to rewardingexperience.- Ironies in photosynthetic electron transport
"Life Is Bottled Sunshine" [Wynwood Reade, Martyrdom of Man, 1924]. This inspired phrase is a four-word summary of the significance of photosynthesis for life on earth. The study of photosynthesis has attracted the attention of a legion of biologists, biochemists, chemists and physicists for over 200 years. Discoveries in Photosynthesis presents a sweeping overview of the history of photosynthesis investigations, and detailed accounts of research progress in all aspects of the most complex bioenergetic process in living organisms. Conceived of as a way of summarizing the history of research advances in photosynthesis as of millennium 2000, the book evolved into a majestic and encyclopedic saga involving all of the basic sciences. The book contains 111 papers, authored by 132 scientists from 19 countries. It includes overviews; timelines; tributes; minireviews on excitation energy transfer, reaction centers, oxygen evolution, light-harvesting and pigment-protein complexes, electron transport and ATP synthesis, techniques and applications, biogenesis and membrane architecture, reductive and assimilatory processes, transport, regulation and adaptation, Genetics, and Evolution; laboratories and national perspectives; and retrospectives that end in a list of photosynthesis symposia, books and conferences. Informal and formal photographs of scientists make it a wonderful book to have. This book is meant not only for the researchers and graduate students, but also for advanced undergraduates in Plant Biology, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics and History of Science.

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