The Rio Chagres, Panama

The Rio Chagres, Panama
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A Multidisciplinary Profile of a Tropical Watershed
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R. S. Harmon
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52, Water Science and Technology Library

Dedication. Contributing Authors. Preface. Part I: Setting the Scene. 1. Geographic Overview of Panama: Pathway to the Continents and Link Between The Seas; E. J. Palka. 2. An Introduction to the Panama Canal Watershed; R. S. Harmon. 3. Light and Shadows in the Management of the Panama Canal Watershed; S. Heckadon-Moreno. 4. The Geological Development of Panama; R. S. Harmon. Part II: The Upper Rió Chagres Basin. 5. Igneous Geology and Geochemistry of the Upper Rió Chagres Basin; G. Worner R. S. Harmon, G. Hartmann, and K. Simon.6. GIS-based and Stream Network Analysis for the Upper Río Chagres Basin, Panama; D. A. Kinner et al. 7. Soils of the Upper Rió Chagres Basin, Panama: Soil Character and Variability in Two First Order Drainages; J. Bruce, J. Harrison and J. M. H. Hendrickx. 8. Hydrology of Hillslope Soils in the Upper Río Chagre Watershed, Panama;. J. M. H. Hendrickx et al. 9. Infiltration in the Upper Río Chagres Basin, Panama: The Soil Conservation Service 'Curve Numbers'; L. Calvo-Gobbeti, F. L. Ogden, and J. M. H. Hendrickx. 10. Runoff Production in the Upper Rió Chagres Watershed, Panama; J. Niedzialek and F. L. Ogden. 11. Downstream Hydraulic Geometry Along a Tropical Mountain River; E. Wohl. 12. Bedrock Channel Incision Along the Upper Río Chagres Basin, Panama; E. Wohl and G. Springer. 13. Using TRMM to Explore Rainfall Variability in the Upper Rió Chagres Catchment, Panama; R. G. Knox, F. L. Ogden and T. Dinku. 14. Tree Species Composition and Beta Diversity in the Upper RíoChagres Basin, Panama; R. Perez et al. 15. A Note on the Amphibians and Reptiles in the Upper Río Chagres Basin, Panama; R. Ibànez D. Part III: The Regional Perspective. 16. High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Remote Sensing of Panama Canal Zone Watershed Forests: An Applied Example Mapping Tropical Tree Species; S. Bohlman and D. Lashlee. 17. Biogeographic History and the High Beta-Diversity of Rainforest Trees in Panama; C. W. Dick, R. Condit, and E. Bermingham. 18. World Holdings of Avian Tissues from Panama, with Notes on a Collection from the Upper Río Chagres in 2002; S. Rohwer and R. C. Faucett. 19. Estimation of Landslide Importance in Hillslope Erosion in thePanama Canal Watershed; R. F. Stallard and D. A. Kinner. 20. Long Term Sediment Generation Rates for the Upper Rió Chagres Basin: Evidence from Cosmogenic 10Be; K. Nichols et al. 21. Estimation of Regional Actual Evapotranspiration in the Panama Canal Watershed; J. M. H. Hendrickx et al. 22. Operational Rainfall and Flow Forecasting for the Panama Canal Watershed; K. Georgakakos and J. Sperfslage. 23. Projected Land-Use Change for the Eastern Panama Canal Watershed and its Potential Impact; V. H. Dale, S. Brown, M. O. Calderon, A. S. Montoya, and R. E. Marti­nez. Index.
This book examines one of the most important and complex of the world's tropical rainforest regions: the greater Panama Canal Watershed. The Rio Chagres is the primary water source for operating the Canal, and supplies potable water for municipal use and electricity generation, but science has left this important national resource largely unstudied. The text promotes understanding of the physical and ecological components of an isolated and largely pristine tropical rainforest.

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