Modulation of Host Gene Expression and Innate Immunity by Viruses

Modulation of Host Gene Expression and Innate Immunity by Viruses
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P. Palese
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1: Viruses And The Innate Immune System, Megan L. Shaw and Peter Palese. 2: How Viruses Elicit Interferon Production, David E. Levy and Isabelle J. Marié.
3: Genes Modulated By Interferons And Double-Stranded RNA, Saumendra N. Sarkar, Gregory A. Peters and Ganes C. Sen.
4: Immunoevasive Strategies: Host And Virus, Markus Wagner, Shahram Misaghi and Hidde L. Ploegh.
5: Interferon Antagonists Of Influenza Viruses, Adolfo García-Sastre.
6: The Anti-Interferon Mechanisms Of Paramyxoviruses, Nicola Stock, Stephen Goodbourn and Richard E. Randall.
7: The Strategy Of Conquest, Sunil J. Advani and Bernard Roizman.
8: Immunomodulation By Poxviruses, James B. Johnston and Grant McFadden.
9: Interferon Antagonists Encoded By Emerging RNA Viruses, Christopher F. Basler.
10: Viral Pathogenesis And Toll-Like Receptors, Susan R. Ross.
11: Digesting Oneself And Digesting Microbes, Montrell Seay, Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar and Beth Levine.
12: Genetic Variation In Host Defenses And Viral Infections, Eunhwa Choi and Stephen J. Chanock.
This book is an excellent, up-to-date reference on a relatively young area of research in which virology, cellular biology and molecular pathogenesis govern the principles of coinvestigation. Thus, the book will be of great interest to virologists, molecular immunologists and biologists, and biochemists but also to clinical pharmacologists in the long-term search for new antiviral agents. Ulrich Desselberger, Gif-sur-Yvette/Cambridge.

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