Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces IV

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces CADUI '2004
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Robert J. K. Jacob
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Task Modelling 1. The Influence of Improved Task Models on Dialogues A. Dittmar and P. Forbrig 2. Task-Based Web Modelling: The Web Object Life Cycle Modelling Concept B. Bomsdorf and G. Szwillus Hypermedia and Web-Based Systems 3. Model-Based Design of Online Help Systems M. Silveira, S. Barbosa, and C. de Souza 4. A Design Toolkit for Hypermedia Applications Based on Ariadne Development Method S. Montero, C. Fernández, J. M. Dodero, I. Aedo, and P. Díaz 5. SwcEditor: a Model-Based Tool for Interactive Modelling of Web Navigation M. Winckler, E. Barboni, Ch. Farenc, and Ph. Palanque
Model-Based Design 6. Behaviour Modeller: The Systematic Generation of Statechart from Functional Relations and Scenarios for Prototyping User Interfaces A. Urushihara, S. Kanai, T. Kishinami, and T. Tomura 7. Maui: An Interface Design Tool Based on Matrix Algebra J. Gow and H. Thimbleby 8. Goliath: an Extensible Model-Based Environment to Develop User Interfaces D. Julien, M. Ziane, and Z. Guessoum 9. Transformational Development of User Interfaces with Graph Transformations Q. Limbourg and J. Vanderdonckt
Usability Engineering 10. A Distributed Usage Monitoring System Ph. Gray, I. McLeod, S. Draper, M. Crease, and R. Thomas 11. Dialogue-Based Design of Web Usability Questionnaires Using Ontologies E.G. Barriocanal, M.A. Sicilia Urbán, L. González, and J. Hilera 12. Creating Contextualised Usability Guides for Web Sites Design and Evaluation C. Mariage and J. Vanderdonckt 13. Usability Testing of Interaction Components: Taking the Message Exchange as a Measure of Usability W.P. Brinkman, R. Haakma, and D.G. Bouwhuis 14. InFigura, An Integrated Design Tool. Exploiting Semantics and Patterns of Web Development T. Tiedtke, T. Krach, and Ch. Märtin 15. Instrumenting Bytecode for the Production of Usage Data I. Macleod, H. Evans, Ph. Gray, and R. Mancy
Patterns and Re-use 16. Patternsin Model-Based Engineering D. Sinnig, A. Gaffar, D. Reichart, P. Forbrig, and A. Seffah 17. Analysis and Design of Model-Based User Interfaces: An Approach to Refining Specifications towards Implementation P.J. Molina and H. Trætteberg 18. Interaction Templates for Constructing User Interfaces from Task Models D. Paquette and K. Schneider 19. Automating a Design Reuse Facility with Critical Parameters: Lessons Learned in Developing the Link-Up System C.M. Chewar, E. Bachetti, D.S. McCrickard, and J.E. Booker
Mark-up Languages 20. XICL-An Extensible Mark-up Language for Developing User Interface and Components L.G. de Sousa and J.C. Leite 21. Uiml.Net: an Open Uiml Renderer for the .Net Framework K. Luyten and K. Coninx
Ubiquitous Computing 22. The Ubiquitous Interactor-Device Independent Access to Mobile Services S. Nylander, M. Bylund, and A. Waern 23. Generating Context-Sensitive Multiple Device Interfaces from Design T. Clerckx, K. Luyten, and K. Coninx 24. A Lightweight Experiment Management System for Handheld Computers Ph. Gray, J. Goodman, and J. Macleod
Mixed-Reality Systems 25. Generic Interaction Techniques for Mobile Collaborative Mixed Systems Ph. Renevier, L. Nigay, J. Bouchet, and L. Pasqualetti 26. The Continuity Property in Mixed Reality and Multiplatform Systems: A Comparative Study M. Florins, D.G. Trevisan, and J. Vanderdonckt
Speech-Based Systems 27. Building Rich User Interfaces for Digital Talking Books L. Carriço, C. Duarte, R. Lopes, M. Rodrigues, and N. Guimarães 28. A Framework for Developing Conversational User Interfaces J. Glass, E. Weinstein, S. Cyphers, J. Polifroni, G. Chung,and M. Nakano 29. A System For Manipulating Audio Interfaces Using Timbre Spaces C. Nicol, S. Brewster, and Ph. Gray
Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces IV gathers the latest research of experts, research teams and leading organisations involved in computer-aided design of user interactive applications supported by software, with specific attention for platform-independent user interfaces and context-sensitive or aware applications. This includes: innovative model-based and agent-based approaches, code-generators, model editors, task animators, translators, checkers, advice-giving systems and systems for graphical and multimodal user interfaces. It also addresses User Interface Description Languages.

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