Properties and Applications of Nanocrystalline Alloys from Amorphous Precursors

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B. Idzikowski
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NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

CONTENTS Preface K. Suzuki: Fe-M-B (M = Pia to VIa Metal) Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Materials; G.Herzer: The Random Anisotropy Model 15; J.M. Barandiaran: Some Aspects of the Crystallization of FINEMETand NANOPERM Like Alloys; T. Kulik et al: Magnetically Soft Nanocrystalline Materials Obtained by Devitrification of Metallic Glasses; B.V. Jalnin et al: The Initial Stage of Nanocrystallization in Fe-Cu-Nb-Si-B Ferromagnetic Alloys; M. Deanko et al: Cluster Structure and Thermodynamics of the Formation of Nanocrystalline Phases ; E.Illekova: Kinetic Characterization of Nanocrystal Formation in Metallic Glasses; V.I. Tkatch et al: Kinetics of the Nonisothermal Primary Crystallization of Metallic Glasses: Nanocrystal Development in Fe Amorphous Alloy; S.D. Kaloshkin et al: Structural Relaxation and Nanocrystallization in the Initial Stage of Amorphous Alloys Studied by Curie Temperature Measurements; C.F. Conde et al: Nanocrystallization Process of the HITPERM Fe-Co-Nb-B Alloys; A. Slawska-Waniewska: Low Temperature Magnetic Properties of Nanocrystalline Co-Nb-Cu-Si-B Alloys; F. Mazaleyrat et al: Induced Anisotropy and Magnetic Properties at Elevated Temperatures of Co-Substituted FINEMET Alloys; P. Kollar et al: Structure and Magnetic Properties of the Fe-Cu-Nb-Si-B Powder Prepared by Milling; L.K. Varga, F. Mazaleyrat: Magnetic Decoupling in Soft Magnetic Nanocrystalline Alloys; H. Chiriac, N. Lupu: Design and Preparation of New Soft Magnetic Amorphous Ferromagnets; B.Idzikowski: Formation of Nanocrystalline Phases in Fe-Ni-Zr-B Amorphous Alloys; R.Hasegawa: Applications of Amorphous Magnetic Alloys; S. Roth et al: Magnetic Crystalline Transition Metal Ribbons Prepared by Melt-Spinning and Reactive Annealing; Yu.V. Barmin et al: Percolation and Fractal Clusters in Amorphous Metals; J. Degmová et al: Neutron Irradiation Effect on Fe-Based Alloys Studied by Mössbauer Spectrometry; K. Sedlacková et al: The Application of Different AnalyticalTechniques in Understanding the Corrosion Phenomena of Non-Crystalline Alloys; K.W. Wojciechowski: Monte Carlo Simulations of Model Particles Forming Phases of Negative Poisson Ratio; 0. Crisan et al:Magnetic Properties of Nanostructured Materials; L. Battezzati et al: Al-Rare Earth-Transition Metal Alloys: Fragility of Melts and Resistance to Crystallization; L.Battezzati et al: On Different Mechanisms of Primary Crystallization in Al-Ni-La-Zr Amorphous Alloys; M. Jahnátek et al: Atomic Structure, Interatomic Bonding and Mechanical Properties of the A13 V Compound; F.Audebert: Amorphous and Nanostructured Al-Fe and Al-Ni Alloys; M. Kowalczyk et al: Bulk Amorphous Samples of Al-Mm-Ni System; E. Fazakas et al: Al-Based Amorphous Alloys at the Limit of Glass Forming Ability; N. Mitrovic et al: Magnetic Softening of Metallic Glasses by Current Annealing Technique; V.I. Dimitrov: Interpretation of the Glass Transition Temperature from the Point of View of Molecular Mobility; I.Kokanovic, A. Tonejc: The Effect of Thermal Relaxation on the Short-Range Order in Melt-Quenched Zr-Co and Zr-Ni Alloys; R. Ristic et al: Magnetic Properties of Zr-3d Glassy Alloy Systems; J.-M.Greneche: 'Intergranular Phase in Nanocrystalline Alloys: Structural Aspects and Magnetic Properties; J. Balogh et al: Mössbauer Study of Fe Grains in Nanocomposites; M.Kopcewicz: Radio-Frequency Mössbauer Spectroscopy in the Investigation of Nanocrystalline Alloys; D.S. Schmool: Ferromagnetic Resonance in Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials;M. Miglierini et al: Magnetic Microstructure of Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Fe-Mo-Cu-B Alloys; N. Lupu, H. Chiriac: Microstructure - Magnetic Properties Relationship in Nano-Clustered Glassy Magnets; Authors Index; Subject Index; List of Participants
Metallic (magnetic and non-magnetic) nanocrystalline materials have been known for over ten years but only recent developments in the research into those complex alloys and their metastable amorphous precursors have created a need to summarize the most important accomplishments in the field. This book is a collection of articles on various aspects of metallic nanocrystalline materials, and an attempt to address this above need.

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