The Hadley Circulation: Present, Past and Future

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Raymond S. Bradley
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Acknowledgements, Preface, Contributing authors, The Hadley Circulation: an introduction.- Section A The Role of the Hadley Cell in the Atmospheric Circulation.- 1. The elementary Hadley Circulation.- 2. Hadley Circulation dynamics.- 3. Changes in the Tropical Hadley Cell since 1950.- 4. The shape of continents, air-sea interaction, and the rising branch of the Hadley Circulation.- 5. Year-to-year variability in the Hadley and Walker Circulations from NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data.- 6. ENSO, Atlantic climate variability, and the Walker and Hadley Circulations.- 7. The Hadley and Walker regional circulations and associated ENSO impacts on south American seasonal rainfall.- Section B Variability of the Hadley Circulation in the Past.- 8. The Pacific sector Hadley and Walker Circulations in historical marine wind analyses.- 9. Holocene records of rainfall variation and associated ITCZ migration from stalagmites from northern and southern Oman.- 10. Evolution of the Indo-Pacific warm pool and Hadley-Walker Circulation since the last deglaciation.- 11. Late quaternary hydrologic changes in the arid and semiarid belt of northern Africa.- 12. Variability of the Marine ITCZ over the eastern Pacific during the past 30,000 years.- 13. Mount Logan ice core evidence for changes in the Hadley and Walker Circulations following the end of the little ice age.- Section C Causes of variability in the Hadley Circulation.- 14. The response of the Hadley Circulation to climatic changes, past and future.- 15. The sensitivity of the Hadley Circulation to past and future forcings in two climate models.- 16. Present-day climate variability in the tropical Atlantic.- 17. Mechanisms of an intensified Hadley Circulation in response to solar forcing in the twentieth century.
The book examines potentially important factors that may have affected the Hadley and Walker Circulations and evaluates changes in the Hadley Circulation and the monsoons as simulated by coupled models of past climate conditions, and predicted future conditions under an enhanced greenhouse effect. This book is meant to serve as a fundamental reference work for current and future researchers, graduate students in the atmospheric sciences and geosciences, and climate specialists involved in interdisciplinary research.

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