Environmental Change and its Implications for Population Migration

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Jon D. Unruh
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20, Advances in Global Change Research

Preface.- 1. Issues relating to environmental change and population migrations. A climatologist's perspective.- 2. Innovation as an alternative to migration? Exemplary results from a multiple-agent programming model applied to Chile.- 3. Human capital and induced and forced migration.- 4. Environmentally induced population movements: their complex sources and consequences.- 5. Migration induced legal pluralism in land tenure. Implications for environmental change.- 6. Semi-arid northeast Brazil: integrated modelling of regional development and global change impacts.- 7. Population movements, environmental change and social conflicts in the Brazilian Amazon.- 8. Migration patterns, land use and climate change.- 9. Population growth, migration and urbanization, environmental consequences in Kathmandu valley, Nepal.- 10. Considering migration and its effects on coastal ecosystems.- 11. Desertification and migration: a political ecology of environmental migration in west Africa.- 12. Values, migration and environment: an essay on driving forces behind human decisions and their consequences.- 13. Environmental - economic interaction and forces of migration: a case study of three counties in northern China.- 14. Aspects of urban / rural population migration in the Carpathian Basin using satellite imagery
This volume provides an ample overview of state-of-the-art understanding of the multi-dimensional phenomenon of migration, in the characterisation of migration drivers, in environmental and agro-economic case studies and modelling issues as well as socio-political analyses. The analysis is geared to the consequences of climatic change, and the effects on soil, water and extreme weather that will drive populations to migrate.

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