Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science

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Shahid Rahman
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1, Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science

I. Some Programmatic Comments. 1. Logic, Epistemology and the Unity of Science: An Encyclopedic Project in the Spirit of Neurath and Diderot; Shahid Rahman and John Symons. 2. An International Encyclopedia of the Unified Sciences translated by John Symons and Ramon Alvarado); Otto Neurath. II. Game Theory and Independence Friendly Logic as a Unifying Framework. 3. Towards a Unity of the Human Behavioral Sciences; Herbert Gintis. 4. Some Coloured Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics in the 20th Century; Gerhard Heinzmann. 5. Logical Versus Nonlogical Concepts: An Untenable Dualism? Jaakko Hintikka. 6. Semantic Games in Logic and Epistemology; Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen. 7. IF Logic, Game-Theoretical Semantics and New Prospects for Philosophy of Science; Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen and Gabriel Sandu. III. Unity and Plurality in Science and in Logic. 8. Concepts Structured through Reduction: A Structuralist Resource Illuminates the Consolidation-Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) Link; John Bickle. 9. The Unity of Science and the Unity of Being: A Sketch of a Formal Approach; C. Ulises Moulines. 10. Logical Pluralism and the Preservation of Warrant; Greg Restall. 11. In Defence of the Dog: Response to Restall; Stephen Read. 12. Normic Laws, Non-monotonic Reasoning, and the Unity of Science; Gerhard Schurz. 13. The Puzzling Role of Philosophy in Life Sciences: Bases for a Joint Program for Philosophy and History of Science; Juan Manuel Torres. 14. The Creative Growth of Mathematics; Jean Paul Van Bendegem. 15. Quantum Logic and the Unity of Science; John Woods and Kent Peacock. IV. The Logic of the Knowledge-Seeking Activities. 16. Belief Contraction, Anti-formulae and Resource Overdraft: Part II Deletion in Resource Unbounded Logics; Dov Gabbay, Odinaldo Rodrigues and John Woods. 17. Reasoning about Knowledge in Linear Logic: Modalities and Complexity; Mathieu Marion and Mehrnouche Sadrzadeh. 18. A Solution to Fitch's Paradox of Knowability; Helge Rückert. 19. Theories of Knowledge and Ignorance; Wiebe van der Hoek, Jan Jaspars and Elias Thijsse. 20. Action-Theoretic Aspects of Theory Choice; Heinrich Wansing. 21. Some Computational Constraints in Epistemic Logic; Timothy Williamson. IV. Contributions from Non-Classical Logics. 22. The Need for Adaptive Logics in Epistemology; Diderik Batens. 23. Logics for Qualitative Reasoning; Paulo Veloso and Walter Carnielli. 24. Logic of Dynamics and Dynamics of Logic: Some Paradigm Examples; Bob Coecke, David J. Moore and Sonja Smets. 25. Complementarity and Paraconsistency; Newton C. A. Da Costa and Decio Krause. 26. Law, Logic, Rhetoric: a Procedural Model of Legal Argumentation; Arno Lodder. 27. Essentialist Metaphysics in a Scientific Framework; Ulrich Nortmann. Index.
The first volume in this new series explores, through extensive co-operation, new ways of achieving the integration of science in all its diversity. The book offers essays from important and influential philosophers in contemporary philosophy, discussing a range of topics from philosophy of science to epistemology, philosophy of logic and game theoretical approaches. It will be of interest to philosophers, computer scientists and all others interested in the scientific rationality.

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