Advances in Topological Quantum Field Theory

Proceedings of the NATO ARW on New Techniques in Topological Quantum Field Theory, Kananaskis Village, Canada from 23 to 27 August 2001
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J. M. Bryden
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NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

Table of Contents Editorial Combinatorial Formulas for Cohomology of spaces of Knots V. Vassiliev On the Homology of Spaces of Long Knots; V. Tourtchine Some computations of Ohtsuki series: N. Jacoby and R. Lawrence From 3-moves to Lagrangian tangles and cubic skein modules; J. Przytycki On Spin and Complex Spin Borromean Surgeries; F. Deloup Khovanov homology: torsion and thickness; Marta M. Asaeda and Jozef II. Przytycki Khovanov Homology for Knots and Links up to 11 Crossings; D. Bar Natan. Perturbative Quantum Field Theory and L Algebras; L. lonescu A linking form conjecture for 3-manifolds; J. Bryden and F. Deloup Mappings of non-zero degree between 3-manifolds: a new obstruction; D. Rolfsen On braid groups, homotopy groups, and modular forms; F. Cohen A note on symplectic circle actions and Massey products; Z. Stipiei and A. Tralle Realization of Primitive Branched Coverings over Closed Surfaces; S.A.Bogatyi , D.L. Gonçalves, E.A. Kudryavtseva, H. Zieschang Cohomology Rings of Oriented Seifert Manifolds with mod p Coefficients; J. Bryden On cyclic covers of the Riemann sphere and a related class of curves; S. Kallel, D. Sjerve, Y. Song
This volume is the conference proceedings of the NATO ARW during August 2001 at Kananaskis Village, Canada on "New Techniques in Topological Quantum Field Theory". This conference brought together specialists from a number of different fields all related to Topological Quantum Field Theory. The theme of this conference was to attempt to find new methods in quantum topology from the interaction with specialists in these other fields.

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