Enhancing Urban Environment by Environmental Upgrading and Restoration

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Enhancing Urban Environment: Environmental Upgrading of Municipal Pollution Control Facilities and Restoration of Urban Waters, Rome, Italy from 6 - 9 November 2003.
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Acknowledgement List of Participants CHAPTER 1 UPGRADING STORMWATER MANAGEMENT FACILITIES Retrofitting Urban Drainage Systems Using Best Stormwater Management Practices - Some Scandinavian Experiences 1 P.S. Mikkelsen Reduction of Runoff by Modified Trough-Infiltration Trench System: a Case Study of Leszno Town 13 M. Sowinski The Kingston Pond: a Case Study of Stormwater Pond Upgrading 23 W.E. Watt, J. Marsalek and B.C. Anderson Control of Urban Runoff Stormwater Discharge to receiving Waters Using Off-line Storage 33 L. Bornatici, C. Ciaponi and S. Papiri Urban Tree Root Systems and Tree Survival Near Sewers and Other Structures 45 P. Prax and J. Cermak City of Toronto Wet Weather Flow Management Master Plan.................................................................................... 57 M. D'Andrea, W. Snodgrass and P. Chessie CHAPTER 2 RETROFITTING/UPGRADING COMBINED SEWER OVERFLOW (CSO) FACILITIES New Regulations for the Treatment of Combined Sewage in Austria - Based on Minimum Requirements and Water Quality Criteria 79 R. Fenz and H. Kroiss Implementation Experience of CSO Pollution Control Policies and Procedures in the UK 93 R. Crabtree Increasing Knowledge of CSO Technologies 105 A.J. Saul Upgrading the North Toronto CSO Storage and Treatment Facility .......................................................................................... 111 J. Marsalek, C. He, Q. Rochfort, K. Exall, J. Wood, B.G.Krishnappan, P. Seto and P.Chessie Improving Combined Sewer Overflow and Treatment Plant Performance by Real-TimeControl Operation 123 A. P. Campisano, E. Creaco and C. Modica Combined Sewer Overflows into the Crati River (Cosenza, Italy) and Retention Storage Sizing 139 F. Calomino, P. Piro and G. Palma Modernisation Problems of the Sewerage Infrastructure in a Large Polish City 151 M. Zawilski CHAPTER 3 OPTIMISING/UPGRADING SEWAGE TREATEMENT PLANT PERFORMANCE Extension of the Vienna Main Sewage Treatment Plant 163 H. Kroiss Improving Sewage Treatment Plant Performance in Wet Weather 175 A. G. Capodaglio Upgrading Sewage Treatment Plants for Higher Performance by Optimising Reject Water Treatment 187 P. Jenicek Upgrading Wastewater Treatment Performance 195 P. Hlavinek Bulgarian Policy and Actions for Municipal WWTPs Construction and Upgrading 203 R. V. Arsov and N. Teneva Improving STP Performance by Lime Addition 215 D. Marani, R. Ramadori, V. Renzi, C.M. Bragulia and A.C. DiPinto CHAPTER 4 STREAM RESTORATION Restoring Natural Waterways in Denver, USA Area 227 B. R. Urbonas, B. Kohlenberg, C. Thrush and M. Hunter Urban Stream Restoration Structures 239 S. Pagliara and P. Chiavaccini Restoration of Urban River Habitat in Compliance with EU Directives 253 D. Kominkova and J. Pollert Urban Streams - Urban Master Planning and Heavily Modified Water Bodies Designation Required by WFD 265 E. Zeman, K. Pryl, D. Hrabak, T. Metelka, M. Mata and P. Nesvadbova The Zurich Stream Day-Lighting Program............................... 277 F. Conradin and R. Buchli Advances in Modelling the Experimental data on Pollutant Dynamics in
As urban areas keep growing, water infrastructure ages, and the requirements on environmental protection become more rigorous, there is a continual need for upgrading water pollution control facilities and restoring degraded urban waters. Such issues are addressed in this book by focusing on five major topics: (a) Upgrading stormwater management facilities, (b) Retrofitting / upgrading combined sewer overflow (CSO) facilities, (c) Optimising/upgrading sewage treatment plant performance, (d) Urban stream restoration, and (e) Challenges in restoring urban environment. Each chapter contains some overview papers followed by research or case study papers. Besides presentations of new approaches and accomplishments in the field of upgrading and restoration, several papers provide analysis of vast needs in this field in several countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which either recently joined the European Union (EU) or are preparing for accession, and need to comply with the existing EU directives dealing with environmental protection. As such, this book will be of primary interest to researchers and university lecturers dealing with environmental upgrading and restoration, environmental planners from all levels of government, municipal engineers and politicians, and finally the private industry representatives (consultants, private utilities and environmental technology suppliers) searching for new business opportunities among the new or aspiring members of EU.

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