The Evolution of National Water Regimes in Europe

The Evolution of National Water Regimes in Europe
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Transition in Water Rights and Water Policies
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Stefan Kuks
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40, Environment & Policy

Preface.- List of contributors.- 1. Introduction to Institutional Resource Regimes: Comparative framework and theoretical background; I. Kissling-Näf, S. Kuks.- 2. The Sustainability Performance of National Resource Regimes; S. Kuks.- 3. The Evolution of European Water Policy: Towards integrated resource management at EU level; D. Aubin, F. Varone.- 4. The Evolution of the Water Regime in the Netherlands; S. Kuks.- 5. The Evolution of the Water Regimes in Belgium; D. Aubin, F. Varone.- 6. The Evolution of the Water Regime in France; I. Sangaré and C. Larrue.- 7. The Evolution of the Water Regime in Spain; M. Costejà, N. Font, A. Rigol, J. Subirats.- 8. The Evolution of the Water Regime in Italy; A. Goria, N. Lugaresi.- 9. The Evolution of the Water Regime in Switzerland; C. Mauch, E. Reynard.- 10. Comparative Review and Analysis of Regime Changes in Europe; S. Kuks.
All over the world countries struggle with water stress. Problems vary from water scarcity and a degrading water quality, to floods and a rising sea level due to climate change. The European Union adopted a Water Framework Directive to improve the sustainability of water management in its member states. Water management should be coordinated at the level of river basins as a whole. Interests of various user groups should be better represented. River basin visions should take into account the impact of all human activities on the status of the resource. Water legislation needs streamlining and more focus on its implementation. The European Union advocates regulating water prices by charging the costs of water services on the basis of full cost recovery and the polluter pays principle.

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