Image Analysis, Sediments and Paleoenvironments

Image Analysis, Sediments and Paleoenvironments
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Pierre Francus
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7, Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research

1. An Introduction To Image Analysis, Sediments And Paleoenvironments; Pierre Francus, Raymond S. Bradley and Jürgen W. Thurow 2. Image Acquisition; Scott F. Lamoureux and Jörg Bollmann 3. Image Calibration, Filtering And Processing; Alexandra J. Nederbragt, Pierre Francus, Jörg Bollmann and Michael J. Soreghan 4. Image Measurements; Eric Pirard 5. Testing For Sources Of Errors In Quantitative Image Analysis; Pierre Francus and Eric Pirard 6. Digital Sediment Colour Analysis As A Method To Obtain High Resolution Climate Proxy Records; Alexandra J. Nederbragt and Jürgen W. Thurow 7. Toward A Non-Linear Grayscale Calibration Method For Legacy Photographic Collections; Joseph D. Ortiz and Suzanne O'Connell 8. From Depth Scale To Time Scale: Transforming Sediment Image Color Data Into A High-Resolution Time Series; Andreas Prokoph and R. Timothy Patterson 9. X-Ray Radiographs Of Sediment Cores: A Guide To Analyzing Diamicton; Sarah M. Principato 10. Application Of X-Ray Radiography And Densitometry In Varve Analysis; Antti E. K. Ojala 11. Processing Backscattered Electron Digital Images Of Thin Sections; Michael J. Soreghan and Pierre Francus 12. Automated Particle Analysis: Calcareous Microfossils; Jörg Bollmann, Patrick S. Quinn, Miguel Vela, Bernhard Brabec, Siegfried Brechner, Mara Y. Cortés, Heinz Hilbrecht, Daniela N. Schmidt, Ralpf Schiebel and Hans R. Thierstein 13. Software Aspects Of Automated Recognition Of Particles: The Example Of Pollen; Ian France, A.W.G. Duller and G.A.T. Duller 14. Multiresolution Analysis Of Shell Growth Increments To Detect Natural Cycles; Eric P. Verrecchia
This is a guide to imaging techniques for sedimentologists, paleolimnologists, paleoceanographers and microscopists involved in paleoenvironmental reconstruction. Case studies illustrate the range of information obtainable from different sediments (marine, lacustrine, aeolian) and different types of samples (cores, embedded blocks, microscopic slides) using different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum (visible, UV, IR, X-ray). Includes comprehensive protocols, guidelines, and recommendations for the use of low cost image analysis techniques.

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