geoENV IV - Geostatistics for Environmental Applications

geoENV IV - Geostatistics for Environmental Applications
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Proceedings of the Fourth European Conference on Geostatistics for Environmental Applications held in Barcelona, Spain, November 27-29, 2002
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Xavier Sanchez-Vila
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13, Quantitative Geology and Geostatistics

FOREWORD ORGANIZING COMMITTEE AND LIST OF REFEREES SPONSORS OF THE CONFERENCE KEYNOTE PAPERS Two statistical methods for improving the analysis of large climatic data sets: General skewed kalman filters and distributions of distributions NAVEAU P., VRAC M., GENTON M.G., CHÉDIN A. AND DIDAY E. AIR POLLUTION & SATELLITE IMAGES Super-resolution land cover classification using the two-point histogram ATKINSON P.M. Non parametric variogram estimator. Application to air pollution data BEL L. Improving satellite image forest cover classification with field data using direct sequential co-simulation BIO A.M.F., CARVALHO H., MAIO P. AND ROSARIO L. Use of factorial kriging to incorporate meteorological information in estimation of air pollutants CAETANO H., PEREIRA M.J. AND GUIMARÃES C. High resolution ozone mapping using instruments on the nimbus 7 satellite and secondary information CHRISTAKOS G., KOLOVOS A., SERRE M.L. AND ABHISHEK C. Geostatistical digital image merging DELGADO-GARCÍA J., CHICA-OLMO M. AND ABARCA- HERNÁNDEZ F. On the effect of positional uncertainty in field measurements on the atmospheric correction of remotely sensed imagery HAMM N., ATKINSON P.M. AND MILTON E.J. Geostatistical space-time simulation model for characterization of air quality NUNES C. AND SOARES A. Soft data space/time mapping of coarse particulate matter annual arithmetic average over the U.S. SERRE M.L., CHRISTAKOS G. AND LEE S.J. ECOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT Characterization of population and recovery of Iberian hare in Portugal through direct sequential co-simulation ALMEIDA J., SANTOS E. AND BIO A. Uncertainty management forenvironmental risk assessment using geoestatistical simulations DERAISME J., JAQUET O. AND JEANNEE N. A spatial assessment of the average annual water balance in Andalucia VANDERLINDEN K., GIRÁLDEZ J.V. AND MEIRVENNE. M.V. Modeling phytoplankton: covariance and variogram model specification for phytoplankton levels in lake Michigan WELTY L.J. AND STEIN M.L. HYDROGEOLOGY Geostatistical inverse problem: A modified technique for characterizing heterogeneous fields ALCOLEA A., MEDINA A., CARRERA, J. AND JÓDAR J. 2D particle tracking under radial flow in heterogeneous media conditioned at the well AXNESS C.L., GÓMEZ J.J. AND CARRERA J. Comparison of geostatistical algorithms for completing groundwater monitoring well timeseries using data of a nearby river BARABAS N. AND GOOVAERTS P. A geostatistical model for distribution of facies in highly heterogeneous aquifers GUADAGNINI L., GUADAGNINI A. AND TARTAKOVSKY D. Influence of uncertainty of mean transmissivity, transmissivity variogram and boundary conditions on estimation of well capture zones HENDRICKS H.J., STAUFFER F. AND KINZELBACH W. Evaluation of different measures of flow and transport connectivity of geologic media KNUDBY C. AND CARRERA J. Modeling of reactive contaminant transport in hydraulically and hidrogeochemically heterogeneous aquifers using a geostatistical facies approach PTAK T. AND LIEDL R. Effect of heterogeneity on aquifer reclamation time RIVA M., SÁNCHEZ-VILA X., DE SIMONI M., GUADAGNINI A. AND WILLMAM M. METHODOLOGY Spatial prediction of categorical variables: the BME approach BOGAERT P. AND D'OR D. Optimizing sampling for acceptable accuracy levels
The fourth edition of the European Conference on Geostatistics for Environmental Applications (geoENV IV) took place in Barcelona, November 27-29, 2002. As a proof that there is an increasing interest in environmental issues in the geostatistical community, the conference attracted over 100 participants, mostly Europeans (up to 10 European countries were represented), but also from other countries in the world. Only 46 contributions, selected out of around 100 submitted papers, were invited to be presented orally during the conference. Additionally 30 authors were invited to present their work in poster format during a special session. All oral and poster contributors were invited to submit their work to be considered for publication in this Kluwer series. All papers underwent a reviewing process, which consisted on two reviewers for oral presentations and one reviewer for posters. The book opens with one keynote paper by Philippe Naveau. It is followed by 40 papers that correspond to those presented orally during the conference and accepted by the reviewers. These papers are classified according to their main topic. The list of topics show the diversity of the contributions and the fields of application. At the end of the book, summaries of up to 19 poster presentations are added. The geoENV conferences stress two issues, namely geostatistics and environmental applications. Thus, papers can be classified into two groups.

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