Respiration in Archaea and Bacteria

Respiration in Archaea and Bacteria
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Diversity of Prokaryotic Respiratory Systems
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Davide Zannoni
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16, Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration

EditorialPreface Color Plates Respiratory Chains in Archaea: From Minimal Systems to Supercomplexes; Günter Schäfer
2 Aerobic Respiration in the Gram-Positive Bacteria; Nobuhito Sone, Cecilia Hägerhäll and Junshi Sakamoto
3 Respiratory Electron Transport in Helicobacter and Campylobacter; Jonathan D. Myers and David J. Kelly
4 Respiratory Chains in Acetic Acid Bacteria: Membrane-bound Periplasmic Sugar and Alcohol Respirations;
Kazunobu Matsushita, Hirohide Toyama and Osao Adachi
5 Nitrogen Fixation and Respiration: Two Processes Linked by the Energetic Demands of Nitrogenase; Robert J. Maier
6 The Oxidation of Ammonia as an Energy Source in Bacteria; Alan B. Hooper, David Arciero, David Bergmann and
Michael P. Hendrich
7 Respiration in Methanotrophs; Alan A. DiSpirito, Ryan C. Kunz, Don-Won Choi and James A. Zahn
8 The Enzymes and Bioenergetics of Bacterial Nitrate, Nitrite, Nitric Oxide and Nitrous Oxide Respiration; Stuart J. Ferguson and David J. Richardson
9 Fe(II) Oxidation by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans: The Role of the Cytochrome c Oxidase in Energy Coupling; W. John Ingledew
10 Sulfur Respiration; Frank Löhr, Heinz Rüterjans, Roland Gross, Jörg Simon and Achim Kröger
11 Hydrogen Respiration; Paulette M. Vignais, John C. Willison and Annette Colbeau
12 Cyanobacterial Respiration; Georg Schmetterer and Dietmar Pils
13 Interactions Between Photosynthesis and Respiration in Facultative Anoxygenic Phototrophs; André Vermeglio, Roberto Borghese and Davide Zannoni
Subject Index
Species Index
Gene and Gene Product Index
The book summarizes the achievements of the past decade in the biochemistry, bioenergetics, structural and molecular biology of respiratory processes in selected genera of the domain Bacteria along with an extensive coverage of the redox chains of extremophiles belonging to the Archaean domain. The volume is a unique piece of work since it contains a series of chapters dealing with metabolic features having important microbiological and ecological relevance such as the use of ammonium, iron, methane, sulfur and hydrogen as respiratory substrates or nitrous compounds in denitrification processes. Particular attention is also dedicated to peculiar groups of prokaryotes such as Gram positives, acetic acid bacteria, pathogens of the genera Helicobacter and Campylobacter, nitrogen fixing symbionts and free-living species, oxygenic phototrophs (Cyanobacteria) and anoxygenic (purple non-sulfur) phototrophs. The book is intended to be a long-term source of information for Ph.D. students, researchers and undergraduates from disciplines such as microbiology, biochemistry and ecology, studying basic and applied sciences, medicine and agriculture.

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