Mixed Ionic Electronic Conducting Perovskites for Advanced Energy Systems

Mixed Ionic Electronic Conducting Perovskites for Advanced Energy Systems
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held in Kyiv, Ukraine 8-12 June 2003
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Nina Orlovskaya
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249x167x22 mm
173, NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

Contributing Authors. Preface. Acknowledgements. Oxide Components for the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell; J.B. Goodenough. Vacancy Segregation at Grain Boundaries in Ceramic Oxides; N.D. Browning, et al. Metallic Conductivity and Magnetism: The Great Potential of Manganese and Cobalt Perovskites; B. Raveau. Raman Diagnostics of LaCoO3 Based Properties; N. Orlovskaya, D. Steinmetz. Mobility and Reactivity of the Surface and Lattice Oxygen of Some Complex Oxides with Perovskite Structure; V.A. Sadykov, et al. LaFeO3 and LaCoO3 Based Perovskites: Preparation and Properties of Dense Oxygen Permeable Membranes; K. Wiik, et al. Optimisation of Perovskite Materials for Fuel Electrodes; S.W. Tao, J.T.S. Irvine. Single Crystal Growth of Oxides and Refractory Materials; G. Balakrishnan, et al. Ionic Transport in Perovskite-Related Mixed Conductors: Ferrite-, Cobaltite-, Nickelate- and Gallate-Based Systems; A. Kovalevsky, et al. Structural/Property Relationships of the Mixed Electronic/Ionic Conductors Based on Lanthanum Gallate; N. Sammes. Microwave-Assisted Regeneration of Soot Filters; Y. Zhang-Steenwinkel, et al. Microheterogeneous Solid Solutions in Perovskites: Formation, Microstructure and Catalytic Activity; L.A. Isupova, et al. Phase Transitions and Ion Transport in SrFe1-xMx)2.5, Where M = Ga, Cr; M.V. Patrakeev, et al. Connection of Giant Volume Magnetostriction with Colossal Magnetoresistance in Manganites; L.I. Koroleva. SOFC Perspectives in Ukraine; O.D. Vasylyev. Measurement of Oxygen Ionic Transport in Mixed Conductors; E. Naumovich, et al. A New Approach to the Defect Chemistry of Doped La1-DeltaMnO3+delta; K. Nakamura. Structure, Microstructure and Transport Properties of Mixed Conducting Lanthanum Gallate Based Perovskite Ceramics; E.D. Politova, et al. Synthesis Structure Peculiarities of (La, Sr)MnO3 Based Nanomanganites; I. Danilenko, et al. Nanoscale Magnetism and Magnetotransport Phenomena of (LaSr)MnO Compact; V. Krivoruchko, et al. LSGM Single Crystals: Crystal Structure, Thermal Expansion, Phase Transitions and Conductivity; L. Vasylechko, et al. Real Structure of LSGMO Crystal Studied by Laue Method; D. Savytskii, et al. Microwave Regeneration of Diesel Soot Filters; L.M. van der Zande, et al. Oxygen Transport in Composite Materials for Oxygen Separators and Syngas Membranes; M. Dhallu, et al. Pulsed Lased Deposition of MIEC Sr4Fe6O13±&dgr; Epitaxial Thin Films; J.A. Pardo, et al. The Development of Gas Tight Thin Films of (La,Sr)(Ga,Fe)O3, (La,Sr)(Co,Fe)O3, and La2NiO4 for Oxygen Separation; R. Muydinov, et al. Investigation into Thermal Expansion and Sintering of La2Mo4+d (Ln = La, Pr and M = Ni, Co); I.J.E. Brooks, et al. Oxide Ion Transport in Novel K2NiF4-Type Oxides; C.N. Munnings, et al. Conductivity and Electronic Structure of Lanthanum Nickelites; A.V. Zyrin, et al. Defect Chemistry of Mixed Ionic/Electronic P-Type Oxides; H.U. Anderson, et al. Authors Index. Notes.
Advanced mixed ionic electronic conducting (MIEC) perovskites play an important role in many electrochemical systems for advanced energy technologies. They are major components in such devices as solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), oxygen separation membranes, chemical sensors and catalysts. In addition to energy technology, the development of these multifunctional materials is of crucial importance for transportation, aerospace engineering, and electronics. The use of these materials as chemical sensors is also important for anti-terrorism initiatives. The present book discusses progress and problems in the development of ionic, electronic, and MIEC materials as active materials in advanced energy systems; the development and design of solid-oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) for next-generation vehicles, chemical sensors and oxygen separation membranes; and identifies directions for future research, such as conducting mechanisms, stability and reliability of devices, degradation problems, crystal structure, classification of phase transitions exhibited by the materials.

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