Does the World Exist?

Plurisignificant Ciphering of Reality
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Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
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79, Analecta Husserliana

Acknowledgments. Inaugural Lecture: Ontopoietic Ciphering and the Existential Vision of Reality; A-T. Tymieniecka. I: Framing the Ontopoietic Vision of the World and Existence. The Human Creative Condition between Autopoiesis and Ontopoiesis in the Thought of Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka; D. Verducci. Ethical Remarks around the Specifically Human Existence in the Phenomenology of Life; C. Cozma. The Role of Ciphering in Phenomenology of Life; M. Kule. Man-World Man-Nature Reflections on 'Feeling' and Acting; I.A. Bianchi. Ekstasy of the World/Immanence of Life. Michel Henry, Reader of Husserl; C. Canullo. Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka's Way through Philosophy, Science and Art; J. Szmyd. II: Toward Lifting of the Classical Controversy Idealism/Realism. The Controversy about the Existence of the World in Edmund Husserl's Phenomenological School: A. Reinach, R. Ingarden, H. Conrad-Martius, E. Stein; A. Ales Bello. The Phenomenological Status of the World: Possibility and Actuality; K. Haney. The Advance of the Sense of the Controversy over the Existence of the World - Heideggerian Work as an Example. A Metaphilosophical Experience; W. Pawliszyn. Reality as 'Life' and 'Vitality': The Idealism-Realism of Max Scheler; G. Bosio. The Problem of the World: Merleau-Ponty on Flesh, Soul and Place; D. Brubaker. The Critique of the Phenomenological Concept of the World According to Michel Henry; M. Staudigl. III: Transcendentalism Revisited. An Archeology of Beginnings: Phenomenology and the Space of the World; W.D. Melaney. Edmund Husserl: Empathy and the Transcendental Constitution of the World; M.F. Andrews. Worlds Apart? Sartre's and Merleau-Ponty's Transition fromTranscendental to Ontological Perspective on the Nature of the World; B. Stawarska. On 'Enworlding' Transcendental Subjectivity: Rethinking a Misleading Metaphor; S. Rinofner-Kreidl. The Transcendental-Phenomenological Meaning of the Notion of 'Experience' in the Philosophies of E. Husserl and J. Dewey; R. Kurenkova, E. Plekhanov, Y. Rogacheva. IV: Ciphering the Plurisignificant Sharing of Existence. Interhuman Communication beyond the Limits of Time (Gadamer) and the Temporality of Lonely Dasein (Heidegger); A. Pawliszyn. A. Schutz's Contribution to Phenomenological Theory of Intersubjectivity; N. Smirnova. Ingarden and the Philologists; G. Nyenhuis. Narrative Self and World; R.D. Sweeney. Ontopoiesis of Life and New Horizons in Humanitarian Education; Z. Ikere. Intentionality and the 'Being-in-the-Language' of Michel Foucault; M. Golebiewska. Outlooking: Notes and Drafts on Abstraction and Memory; W.N. Açerón. Dream and Myth: Cognitive and Ontological Value; M. Sehdev. Knowledge of the World or World of Knowledge? A. Rizzacasa. Ontopoética del Significante: El Palpo del Signo; A.D. Rey. V: The Creating Ciphering of Reality by Art. The Wisdom of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam; P. Trutty-Coohill. Artistic and Aesthetic Values as the Ontological Foundation for the World of the Literary Work; G. Vergara, Translated by: P. Garcia. A World of Art, Politics Passion and Betrayal: Trotsky, Rivera and Breton and Manifesto: Towards a Free Revolutionary Art (1938); D.G. Scillia. From Hegel to Ingarden: Aesthetic Objects and the 'Creation' of the World; V. Kocay. Phenomenology of the Poetical; V. Vevere. VI: The Worl
"Does the World exist?" There would be no reason to resurrect this question of modernity from its historical oblivion were it not for the fact that recent evolution in science and technology, impregnating culture, makes us wonder about the nature of reality, of the world we are living in, and of our status as living beings within it. Thus great metaphysical subjacent queries are forcefully revived, calling for new investigations to proceed in the light of the innumerable novel insights of science.

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