Advanced Flow Cytometry: Applications in Biological Research

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R. C. Sobti
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303x215x12 mm

Flow cytometry, an overview.- High resolution flow cytometric analysis of electronic nuclear volume and DNA content in normal and abnormal human tissue.- Analysis of heterogeneous red cell populations by flow cytometry.- Chromosome sorting and genomics.- Analysis of intracellular cytokines using flowcytometry.- Cell array coupled with laser scanning cytometry allows easy analysis of changes in cyclin expression during the cell cycle.- Flow cytometry and its application in small animal oncology.- Flow cytometric monitoring of drug resistance in human tumor cells.- Androgen receptor expression in archival human breast tumors.- Membrane oxidative damage and apoptosis in cervical carcinoma cells of patients after radiation therapy.- Nitric oxide mediated modulation of free radical generation response in the rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes: A flowcytometric study.- Flowcytometric detection of PNH defect and response to therapy in aplastic anemia patients.- Host-pathogen interactions: leukocyte phagocytosis and associated sequelae.- Flow cytometric techniques for the detection of microorganisms.- A flow cytometric approach to assess phytoplankton respiration.- Cellular and serological markers of disease activity in Indian patients with HIV/AIDS.
Flow cytometry has rapidly evolved into a technique for rapid analysis of DNA content, cellular marker expression and electronic sorting of cells of interest for further investigations. Flow cytometers are being extensively used for monitoring of cellular DNA content, phenotype expression, drug transport, calcium flux, proliferation and apoptosis. Phenotypic analysis of marker expression in leukemic cells has become an important tool for diagnostic and therapeutic monitoring of patients. Recent studies have explored the use of flow cytometry for monitoring hormone receptor expression in human solid tumors and for studies in human genomics. Contributions in the current volume are based on presentations made at the First Indo-US workshop on Flow Cytometry in which experts from USA, UK and India discussed applications of flow cytometry in biological and medical research. This book will be of interest to post graduates and researchers in the fields of pathology, cytology, cell biology and molecular biology.

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