Recent Advances in Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering

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Preface. Acknowledgements. AIP-PRIMECA Introduction. 1: Optimization of Product Design Process. The Novel Use Of A Capability Maturity Model To Evaluate The Mechanical Design Process; I. Egan, J. Ritchie, P.D. Gardiner. Computer Support For Insightful Engineering Design Based On Generic And Rigorous Principles Of Symbolic Algebra; H. Sawada, X-T. Yan. Modelling Product Representations Used In Automobile Body Design; C.A. McMahon, P. Kugathasan. Sequencing For Process Planning By Genetic Algorithm; P. Dépincé, N. Lançon, J. Vancza. A Tool For Verifying The Local Quality Of A 3d F.E. Analysis In Design; E. Florentin, L. Gallimard, J-P. Pelle. Design Of Wire Harnesses For Mass Customization; B. Agard, M. Tollenaere. A Unified Jacobian-Torsor Model For Analysis In Computer Aided Tolerancing; W. Ghie, L. Laperrière, A. Desrochers. A Proposal Of Structure For A Variational Modeler Based On Functional Specifications; D. Lesage, J-C. Léon, P. Sebah, A. Rivière. Inertial Tolerancing in the Case of Assembled Products; M. Pillet. An Interactive Decision Support System For Unidirectional Tolerancing; C. Forster, J-P. Boufflet, S. Hadji, S. Bouabdallah. Improvement Of The Simulation Tools Dedicated To Composite Structures Subjected To Crash Loads; P. Rozycki, D. Coutellier. On the Kinematic Calibration Of A Stewart Platform; F. Dudita, M. Neagoe, G. Gogu. The Isoconditioning Loci Of Planar Three-Dof Parallel Manipulators; S. Caro, D. Chablat, P. Wenger, J. Angeles. Development Of An Optimised Automotive Axle; L. Heuzé, P. Ray, G. Gogu, L. Serra, F. André. Self-Loosening Model For Bolted Assemblies Under Transverse Stresses; H. Aziz, B. Combes, R. Lavabre. CrashworthinessOptimization Using A Surrogate Approach By Stochastic Response Surface; B. Soulier, L. Richard, B. Hazet, V. Braibant. Multidisciplinary Optimization Of Composite Laminates With Resin Transfer Molding; C.H. Park, W.S. Han, A. Vautrin, W.I. Lee. 2: Optimization Of Manufacturing Systems. Proactive Support For Conceptual Design Synthesis Of Sheet Metal Components; F. Rehman, X-T. Yan. Fuzzy Volumes : Principles And Application In The NC Machining; B. Khaled, A. Aoussat. A Normalized Product Structure Model For Manufacturing: Definition and implementation of the TMC concept, adaptation to the new technologies of material cutting; L. Deshayes, J.-F. Rigal, P. Ghodous, R. Gervais. Part Orientation In Layer-Based Machining; Y.H. Chen, Z.Y. Yang, W.S. Sze. Contribution To The Generation Of Tool Paths In a CAM System; A. Larue, B. Anselmetti. A Tool-Wear Investigation In Hard Turning Of Various Work Materials With CBN Tools; G. Poulachon, P. Jacquet, S. Pheulpin, E. Seguin, I.S. Jawahir. Advanced Numerical Simulation Of The Crimping Process Of Electric Connectors; M. Abbas, J-L. Batoz, T. Courtin, G. Dhatt. Surface Integrity In Hard Turning; J. Rech, C. Lescalier. Technological Parameter Calculation And Stretch Forming Process Control Of 3d Profile Parts; S. Oding, N. Stourov. Application Of The Stability Lobes Theory To Milling Of Thin Workpieces: Experimental approach; L. Arnaud, G. Dessein. Energy Assessment And Cutting Tool Behavior In Machining; R. Laheurte, P. Darnis, O. Cahuc. A Study And Analysis Of Machine Tool Errors With Static And Dynamic Measurements; M. Rahman, J. Heikkala, K. Lappalainen. Evaluation of Machine Geometry: Presentation of an innovative method with a Laser Tracker; S. Leleu, J-M. David, G. Diolez, P. Martin. Simulatio
This volume contains selected manuscripts of the papers presented at the 4th International Conference on Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering - IDMME 2002 held in Clermont-Ferrand, France, at the Institut Franyais de Mecanique A vancee (French Institute for Advanced Mechanics), May 14-16,2002. Following the first three IDMME conferences (held in Nantes in 1966, in Compiegne in 1998 and in Montreal in 2000), the purpose of IDMME 2002 conference was to present recent developments in the integration and the optimization of product design and manufacturing systems. The initiative and the organization of the conference exists thanks to the French national network AIP-PRIMECA (AlP - Ateliers Inter­ Etablissements de Productique I Inter-Institute Productics Workshops and PRIMECA - Pole de Ressources Informatiques pour la MECAnique I Computer Resource Pole for Mechanics). The conference benefited from the scientific sponsoring of AFM - Association Franyaise de Mecanique (French Association of Mechanical Engineering), ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineering, CIRP - College International pour l'Etude Scientifique des Techniques de Production Mecanique (International Institution for Production Engineering Research), CSMA - Computational Structural Mechanics Association, IFToMM - International Federation for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, SCGM/CSME - Societe Canadienne de Genie Mecanique I Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering.

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