Comparative Education

Continuing Traditions, New Challenges, and New Paradigms
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Mark Bray
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Introduction: Tradition, Change and the Role of the World Council of Comparative Education Studies; M. Bray. Conceptual and Methodological Approaches. The Future of Comparative and International Education in a Globalised World; D.N. Wilson. Appropriation, Appreciation, Accommodation: Indigenous Wisdoms and Knowledges in Higher Education; D.L. Morgan. Comparative Education in a Microcosm: Methodological Insights from the International Schools Sector in Hong Kong; M. Bray, Y. Yamato. Political Forces and Comparative Education. A Decade of Transformation: Educational Policies in Central and Eastern Europe; W. Mitter. Decentralisation and Educational Reform in Siberia and the Russian Far East; T. Endo. Lifelong Learning and Adult Education: Russia Meets the West; J. Zajda. Approaches to Global Education in the United States, England and Japan; H. Fujikane. Primary Schooling in China and India: Understanding how Sociocontextual Factors Moderate the Role of the State; N. Rao, Kai-Ming Cheng, K. Narain. Cultures in Comparative Perspective. Cultural and School-Grade Differences in Korean and White American Children's Narrative Skills; Meesook Kim. Childhood Ideology in the United States: A Comparative Cultural View; D.M. Hoffman. Social Hierarcht and Group Solidarity: The Meanings of Work and Vocation/Profession in the Chinese Context and their Implications for Vocational Education; B. Schulte. What Chidren have Lost by the Modernisation of Education: A Comparison of Experiences in Western Europe and Eastern Asia; H. Numata.
This book presents perspectives on the changes that have taken place within the field of comparative education, while noting various continuing traditions. Its contributors come from a wide range of countries and contexts, and present their work within a framework set by the 11th congress of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES). The book makes a valuable methodological as well as a conceptual contribution to the field.

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