Natural Products in the New Millennium: Prospects and Industrial Application

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Maria Eduarda Araújo
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Dedication. Preface by the Editors. Acknowledgements. Contributors. 1: Terrestial Natural Products: Isolation, Structure Characterization, Analytical Methods, Chemodifferentiation. Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids: Their Chemistry, Occurrence and Significance as Natural Compounds; T. Mroczek, K. Glowniak. Chemical Composition of Artemisia campestris and Hibiscus cannabinus; A.M.S. Silva, et al. Novel Coumarin Sulfates from Pelargonium sidoides: Isolation, Structure and Synthetic Approach; H. Kolodziej, et al. Study of the Methanol Extract of Euphorbia segetalis; A.M. Madureira, et al. A Short Side Chain Cycloartane and other Triterpenes from Euphorbia tuckeyana; F.C. Pinto, et al. 2: Bioactivity of Natural Products. Ethnobotany. The Chemistry and Allelopathic Effects of Phenolic Compounds from the Lichen Evernia prunastri (L.) ACH; A.G. González, et al. Anti-Salmonella Activity of Olive Flavor Compounds and Their Modes of Action; I. Kubo. In Vitro Anti-Inflammatory and AntiMicrobial Activities of Phenylpropanoids from Piper Betle L. (Piperaceae); L.A.D. Williams, et al. Chemical Constituents and their Antimicrobial Activity from the Roots of Cephalaria Ambrosioides; S. Pasi, et al. Composition and Antibacterial Activity of the Essential Oils of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Growing in Greece; E. Harvala, et al. Antimicrobial Activity of Dehydroabietic Acid Derivatives (II); S.S. Feio, et al. 3: Industrial Applications. Natural Products for Medicinal Purposes. Drugs from Nature: Present Development and Future Prospects; G.M. Cragg, D.J. Newman. Plant Secondary Metabolites with Immunomodulatory Activity; A. Kijjoa. NaturalPyranoacridones from Citrus and Sarcmelicope Species as Models for the Conception of New Antitumor Agents; F. Tillequin. Flavonolignans from Silybum Marianum L.: New Perspectives; M. Maitrejean, et al. 4: Plant Cell Biotechnology: Production of Natural Products. New Perspectives for Plant Secondary Metabolite Production; R. Verpoorte, et al. Production of Phenolics by In Vitro Cultures of Hypericum perforatum: A Case Study; A.C.P. Dias, M.F. Ferreira. New Strategies to Produce High-Value Secondary Plant Metabolites from Shoot Cultures Involving a Sustainable Photobioreactor System; A. Kirakosyan, P. Kaufman. 5: Synthesis of Natural Products. Chemical Transformations of Natural Compounds; J.A.S. Cavaleiro, et al. Total Synthesis of Tamariscene; C. Paul, W.A. König. Enantioselective Synthesis of (-)-(6r,7s)-Nitramine; K.A. Tehrani, et al. Isolation and Synthesis of 4-Rhamno-Glucosinalbin, the Major Glucosinolate from Moringa Oleifera; D. Gueyrard, et al. High Yield Synthesis of Friedelane and Seco Friederlane Derivatives from Cord Smoker Wash Solids; C. Moiteiro, et al. Aromatization of Limonene with Zeolites Y; C. Lopes, et al. 6: Marine Natural Products: Analysis, Structure Elucidation, Bio-Activity and Potential Use as Drugs. Mediterranean Marine Organisms as Source of New Potential Drugs; S.De Rosa. Chemical Variability of the Volatile Metabolites from the Caribbean Corals of the Genus Gorgonia; V. Roussis, et al. Novel Brominated Diterpenes from the Red Alga Laurencia Obtusa; N. Mihopoulos, et al. The Production of &agr;-Tocopherol, Sterols and Fatty Acids by Three Marine Microalgae; N.M. Bandarra, et al. Preliminary
This book deals with a variety of aspects of natural product research. It includes review articles and revised original contributions involving analysis, isolation and structure elucidation, synthesis and bioactivity of terrestrial and marine natural products. Plant cell biotechnology for the production of secondary metabolites is discussed. This volume provides also outstanding information about the industrial application of natural products for medicinal purposes. The broad interdisciplinary approach found in this book, which comprises 50 papers, makes it interesting to the scientists, whose work is in any way related to the research or use of natural products.

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