Hydrogen Materials Science and Chemistry of Metal Hydrides

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Preface. International Advisory and Organizing Committee. Program Committee. Words of Welcome. Research of Fullerites Hydrogen Capacity; D.V. Schur, et al. Physical-Chemical Analysis in Synthesis of Tetrahydroborates and Tetrahydroaluminates of Metals; U. Mirsaidov. A Novel Negative Electrode Material for MH-Ni Battery at Low Temperature; M. Zhao, C. Sun. Thermodynamics of Hydrogen Ordering in the Rare-Earth Superstoichiometric Dihydrides; I.G. Ratishvili, N.Z. Namoradze. The Concentration and Temperature Transition to Superconducting State in fullerides of Alkali Metals; Z.A. Matysina, et al. Humid Atmosphere Induced Processes of Hydrogen Formation and Embrittlement of Sn-Al Eutectic; F. Muktepavela. Calorimetric Investigations of Metal-Hydrogen Systems for Intermetallic Compounds of Laves Phase Type; E. Yu, et al. The Influence of Hydrogen on Structure and Properties of Titanium Powders; O.M. Shapovalova, et al. Activation Analysis of the Structural Clustering Transformations in Metal Hydride - Forming Systems; V.G. Tkachenko, et al. Simulation of Hydride Heat Pump Operation with Reference to Vehicle Refrigerating Devices; Y.I. Shanin. Hydrogen Interaction with Alloys of Ti(Zr-)-Mn-V Systems; T.N. Smirnova, et al. Influence of Accelerated Electron Beam on Formation of IV Group Metals' Hydrides (Hf-H2 System); S.K. Dolukhanyan, et al. Kinetics of the Hydrogen-Isotopes Short-Range Order in Interstitial Solid Solutions, h.c.p.-Ln-H(D,T); V.A. Tatarenko, R.M. Radchenko. Interaction of TiHx (x>2) with Solutions of some acids and Alkalies; I.M. Astrelin, et al. Fullerene Formation in ARC Discharge; N.I. Alekseyev, G.A. Dyuzhev. Thermal-Radiation Synthesis of Hydridonitrides on the Basis of Titanium and Zirconium; A.G. Aleksanyan, et al. On Hydrogen Fugacity inMetals under Electrolytic Charging; Y.S. Nechaev. High-Dispersed Hydride Phases in RT5-NH3 Systems, where R = La, Sm; T = Ni, Co; V.N. Fokin, et al. Development of the Physicochemical Basis for Materials Science; L.V. Bobukh, K.A. Bobukh. Spontaneous Polarization and its Effect on Physical Characteristics of Potassium, Rubidium and Caesium Dihydrophosphates and Arsenates; S.Y. Zaginaichenko, et al. Structure of Ti0.9Zr0.1Mn1.5V0.3Ti0.2D2.8; T.N. Smirnova, et al. Preparation and Properties of Deuterofullerenes: New Data; Y.M. Shul'ga, et al. Hydrogen Incorporation in CVD Diamond Films; V. Ralchenko, et al. Hydrogen Influence on the Nanosized Intermetallics Microstructure Formation in Fe-Mo System; T.Y. Kiseleva, et al. Phase States of Hydrogen in Metal Palladium; N.V. Piskunov, et al. The Investigation of Hydrogen Absorption and Electrochemical Properties of Alloys Ti-Zr-Ni-V-Mn with Laves Phases in Nonstoichiometric Region; T.A. Zotov, et al. Study of Physico-Chemical Processes on Catalyst in the Course of Synthesis of Carbon Nanomaterials; D.V. Schur, et al. The Influence of Hydrogen-Thermal Treatment on the Densification and Structure of Nitrides at Sintering; R.A. Morozova, et al. Thermal-Radiation Processes in the Zr-Ni-H2 System and Synthesis of Hydrides; H.G. Hakobyan, et al. Influence of the Temperature on Hydrogen Interaction with LaNi5-xCox (2=x=3); E.A. Berdonosova, et al. System of CeCo2Ni-H2 under Pressure of Hydrogen up to 2000 at.; S.A. Lushnikov, et al. Influence of Hydrogenation on Magnetic Anisotropy of R2Fe17 Single Crystals; I.S. Tereshina, et al. Kinetics of Hydride Phase Growth in the Area of Structural De
The 2001 International Conference «Hydrogen Materials Science and Chemistry of Metal Hydrides» (ICHMS'2001) was held in the picturesque town Alushta (Crimea, Ukraine) on the bank of Black Sea in September 16-22, 2001. In the tradition of the earlier ICHMS conferences, the 7th ICHMS'2001 provided an international forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research on transition to hydrogen-based energy systems, technologies for hydrogen production, storage, utilization, materials, energy and environmental problems. The aim of ICHMS '200 1 was to provide an overview of the latest information on research and development in the different topics cited above. The representatives from industry, public laboratories, universities and governmental agencies could meet, discuss and present the most recent advances in hydrogen concepts, processes and systems, to evaluate current progress in these areas of investigations and to identify promising research directions for the future. The ICHMS'2001 was the first conference in this series, where a related new important topic of considerable current interest on fullerene-related materials as hydrogen storage was included into the conference program. The hydrogen sorbing properties of newly discovered carbon nanostructural materials inspire hydrogen scientists with optimism. Thus, the ICHMS'2001 conference was unique in bringing together hydrogen and carbon materials researchers and engineers from developed countries of Europe and America, new independent states of FSU and other countries for discussions in advanced materials development and applications.

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