Strongly Correlated Fermions and Bosons in Low-Dimensional Disordered Systems

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Igor V. Lerner
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Preface. Part One: Zero-Dimensional Systems. The Kondo Screening Cloud; I. Affleck. Quantum Interferometry with Electrons: Outstanding Challenges; Y. Gefen. Photon Assisted Tunneling in Quantum Dots; W.G. van der Wiel, et al. Part Two: One-Dimensional Systems. Bosonisation as the Hubbard-Stratonovich Transformation; I.V. Yurkevich. Quasi One-dimensional Organic Conductors: Dimensional Crossover and Some Puzzles; S. Biermann, et al. Proximity Induced and Intrinsic Superconductivity in Carbon Nanotubes; M. Kociak, et al. Part Three: Two-Dimensional Systems. Quantum In-Plane Magnetoresistance in 2D Electron Systems; J.S. Meyer, et al. Disordered Wigner crystals; T. Giamarchi. Magneto-optics of Composite Fermions and Skyrmions; I.V. Kukushkin. Metal-Insulator Transition in Dilute 2D Electron and Hole Gases; A.K. Savchenko. Spectral Decomposition of Geodesic Flows on Constant Curvature Surfaces; M. Muzykantskii, S. Roberts. Part Four: Systems of Any Dimensionality. Phase Coherence Phenomena in Disordered Superconductors; A. Lamacraft, B.D. Simons. Keldysh and Doi-Peliti Techniques for out-of-Equilibrium Systems; A. Kamenev. Nonlinear Sigma Model for Disordered Media: Replica Trick for Non-Perturbative Results and Interactions; I.V. Lerner. Exact Functionals, Effective Actions and (Dynamical) Mean-Field Theories: Some Remarks; A. Georges. Index.
The physics of strongly correlated fermions and bosons in a disordered envi­ ronment and confined geometries is at the focus of intense experimental and theoretical research efforts. Advances in material technology and in low temper­ ature techniques during the last few years led to the discoveries of new physical of atomic gases and a possible metal­ phenomena including Bose condensation insulator transition in two-dimensional high mobility electron structures. Situ­ ations were the electronic system is so dominated by interactions that the old concepts of a Fermi liquid do not necessarily make a good starting point are now routinely achieved. This is particularly true in the theory of low dimensional systems such as carbon nanotubes, or in two dimensional electron gases in high mobility devices where the electrons can form a variety of new structures. In many of these sys­ tems disorder is an unavoidable complication and lead to a host of rich physical phenomena. This has pushed the forefront of fundamental research in condensed matter towards the edge where the interplay between many-body correlations and quantum interference enhanced by disorder has become the key to the understand­ ing of novel phenomena.

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