Multicriteria Analysis in Engineering: Using the Psi Method with Movi 1.0

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R. B. Statnikov
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Preface. Part I: Parameter Space Investigation Method and its Applications. 1. Multicriteria Optimization and Parameter Space Investigation Method. 2. Several Examples of Multicriteria Design. 3. Decomposition and Aggregation of Large-Scale Systems. 4. Multicriteria Identification. 5. Optimal Design and Multicriteria Control. Addendum. References. Index. Part II: MOVI Software 1.0 Package User's Manual. Introduction. 1. General Description of the MOVI 1.0 Software Package. 2. System Requirements. 3. Contents of the Distribution Package. 4. Installing the MOVI 1.0 Software Package and Getting Started. 5. Interface Library Development Manual. 6. Database Manager User's Manual. 7. MOVI 1.0 Operation. 8. Exercises. Appendix A: Examples of Points of the LPtau Sequence. Appendix B: Problem Files.
Optimization methods have been considered in many articles, monographs, and handbooks. However, experts continue to experience difficulties in correctly stating optimization problems in engineering. These troubles typically emerge when trying to define the set of feasible solutions, i.e. the constraints imposed on the design variables, functional relationships, and criteria. The Parameter Space Investigation (PSI) method was developed specifically for the correct statement and solution of engineering optimization problems. It is implemented in the MOVI 1.0 software package, a tutorial version of which is included in this book. The PSI method and MOVI 1.0 software package have a wide range of applications. The PSI method can be successfully used for the statement and solution of the following multicriteria problems: design, identification, design with control, the optional development of prototypes, finite element models, and the decomposition and aggregation of large-scale systems.

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