Philosophy Bridging the World Religions

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P. Koslowski
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Foreword. Philosophy as Mediator between Religions: Introduction; P. Koslowski. Christianity and the Discourse of World Religions: The Contribution of Philosophical Theology; R. Swinburne. The Dialogue of Islam and the World Faiths: The Role of Speculative Philosophy; S. Akhtar. Judaism: Intra-Religious Plurality as a Chance for Discourse between Religions; K.-E. Grözinger. Discussion of the Role of Philosophy in Christianity, Islam and Judaism: The Role of Good Manners as a Bridge between the World Religions in the Sanatana Tradition (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism); N. Singh. The Speculative Philosophy of the Triunity in Chinese Universism (Taoism) and Buddhism: Its Philosophical-Religious Significance and its Contribution to the Taoist-Buddhist-Christian Dialogue; Shen-Chon Lai. The Contribution of Religious Studies to the Dialogue of the World Religions; M. von Brück. Discussion of the Contributions of Good Manners, Triunity Speculation, and Religious Studies to the Dialogue of the World Religions: Philosophical Dialogue of the Religions, Instead of Clash of Civilizations, in the Process of Globalization, from an Islamic Perspective: With an Appendix: 'In Europe there are no 'Indigenous' and 'Imported' Religions'; E. Karic. Discussion of the Dialogue Instead of the Clash of Religions in Islam: The Philosophy of the World Religions as the Philosophy of Revelations; P. Koslowski. Discussion of the Revelations of the Religions. Conversation between the Representatives of the World Religions after the Conclusion of the Public Discourse. Contributors. Index of Persons. Index of Subjects to Volumes 1-5 of the Series 'A Discourse of the World Religions'.
This is the fifth and last volume of the EXPO-Discourses of the World Religions (World Exposition EXPO 2000, Hannover, Germany). The series aims at a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences between Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in their theological and philosophical propositions. It sees in philosophy a bridge between the religions and a means to overcome religious hostility and fundamentalism and to further the dialogue of the religions.

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