Workplace Learning

How to Build a Culture of Continuous Employee Development
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Nigel Paine
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Chapter - 00: Introduction; Section - ONE: Exploring the concepts of learning culture and learning organization; Chapter - 01: What is a learning culture?; Chapter - 02: Where did learning culture come from?; Chapter - 03: Senge and The Fifth Discipline; Chapter - 04: Bob Garratt and The Learning Organization; Chapter - 05: What are the core components of a learning culture?; Section - TWO: Case studies: learning culture in action; Chapter - 06: Lubricating learning: a case study of the WD-40 Company; Chapter - 07: Taking the medicine: Novartis and curiosity; Chapter - 08: happy Ltd and HT2: learning culture in action; Chapter - 09: Dressing up a learning culture: Cotton On Group; Section - THREE: Building a learning culture: a gyroscope for organizational effectiveness; Chapter - 10: Work and learning; Chapter - 11: Why technology is an essential component of a learning culture; Chapter - 12: What are the essential components of a learning culture?
Build a culture of continuous workplace learning to improve employee engagement and drive business performance with this practical, evidence-based guide.
Nigel Paine is a change-focused leader with a worldwide reputation and extensive experience in leadership and consultancy. Based in London, UK, he runs his own consultancy which focuses on leadership, creativity, innovation and e-learning, working with companies in Europe, Brazil, Australia and the US. A former Head of Training and Development at BBC, he is now an academic director and member of the international advisory board at the University of Pennsylvania, board member of Management Issues and a Masie Learning Fellow. He presents a monthly TV programme, Learning Now TV, co-presents From Scratch podcast and regularly writes articles for magazines and journals about development, technology and leadership.

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