A Practical Guide to E-auctions for Procurement

How to Maximize Impact with e-Sourcing and e-Negotiation
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Jacob Gorm Larsen
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Section - SECTION ONE: Understanding eSourcing and eNegotiation; Chapter - 01: What is an eAuction?; Chapter - 02: Applicability, when can you use eAuctions?; Chapter - 03: The history of eAuctions; Chapter - 04: Value in a theoretical perspective; Section - SECTION TWO: eNegotiation strategy; Chapter - 06: Game theory - eNegotiations as a strategic game; Chapter - 07: Negotiation theory; Chapter - 08: eAuction formats; Chapter - 09: eNegotiation strategy objectives; Chapter - 10: Supplier relationships - maintain relationships; Chapter - 11: eNegotiation strategy framework; Section - SECTION THREE: Bidder engagement; Chapter - 12: The value proposition for suppliers; Chapter - 13: Supplier communication; Chapter - 14: Supplier Training; Section - SECTION FOUR: Driving usage and adoption; Chapter - 15: Introduce a Center of Excellence (COE) for Support, Technology and Governance; Chapter - 16: Ensure executive support to eAuctions; Chapter - 17: Make it strategic; Chapter - 18: Drive it with hard KPI's; Chapter - 19: Address the myths; Chapter - 20: Re-inventing yourself every year; Chapter - 21: Examples of best-practice; Chapter - 22: The selling never stops; Section - SECTION FIVE: The future of eNegotiation; Chapter - 23: The accelerating digitization of negotiations; Chapter - 24: AI powered negotiation guides; Chapter - 25: Automating negotiation processes; Chapter - 26: The future of eAuctions, cup half full or half empty
Understand how to integrate eNegotiation and eSourcing into your procurement strategy with examples of successful implementation from Maersk.
Jacob Gorm Larsen is Head of Digital Procurement in Maersk with responsibility for the execution of the digital transformation of procurement. For the past 15 years he has been part of the procurement team at Maersk including responsibility for developing and operating the e-sourcing program for more than a decade.

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