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Slavoj Zizek
493 g
198x130x38 mm

INTRODUCTION: IS HEGEL DEAD -- OR ARE WE DEAD (IN THE EYES OF HEGEL)?When the Kraken Wakes A Report from the Trenches of Dialectical Materialism I THE DISPARITY OF TRUTH: SUBJECT, OBJECT, AND THE REST1. FROM HUMAN TO POSTHUMAN AND BACK TO INHUMAN: THE PERSISTENCE OF ONTOLOGICAL DIFFERENCEAspects of DisparityAgainst the Univocity of Being Posthuman, Transhuman, Inhuman Hyperobjects in the Age of Anthropocene Biology or Quantum Physics?2. OBJECTS, OBJECTS AND THE SUBJECTRe-enchanting Nature? No, Thanks!A Detour: Ideology in PluriverseOn a Subject Which Is Not an ObjectResistance, Stasis, RepetitionSpeculative JudgmentThe Subject's Epigenesis 3. SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS, WHICH SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS? AGAINST THE RENORMALIZATION OF HEGELIn Defense of Hegel's MadnessThe Immediacy of MediationThe Stick in Itself, for Us, for ItselfAction and ResponsibilityRecollection, Forgiveness, ReconciliationHealing the Wound Self-consciousness = Freedom = Reason Reflexivity of the Unconscious II THE DISPARITY OF BEAUTY: THE UGLY, THE ABJECT, AND THE MINIMAL DIFFERENCE4. ART AFTER HEGEL, HEGEL AFTER THE END OF ARTWith Hegel Against HegelThe Ugly GazeFrom the Sublime to the MonstrousHegel's Path towards the NonfigurativeBetween Auschwitz and Telenovelas 5. VERSIONS OF ABJECT: UGLY, CREEPY, DISGUSTINGVarieties of DisavowalTraversing Abjection"MOOR EEFFOC"From Abjective to CreepyMamatschi!Eisler's Sinthoms 6. WHEN NOTHING CHANGES: TWO SCENES OF SUBJECTIVE DESTITUTIONThe Lesson of Psychoanalysis Music as a Sign of Love A Failed Betrayal Scene from a Happy Life III THE DISPARITY OF THE GOOD: TOWARDS A MATERIALIST NEGATIVE THEOLOGY7. TRIBULATIONS OF A WOMAN-HYENA: AUTHORITY, COSTUME, AND FRIENDSHIPWhy Heidegger Should Not Be Criminalized The Birth of Fascism out of the Spirit of Beauty Don Carlos between Auhthority and Friendship Stalin as Anti-Master Schiller versus Hegel The Self-Debased Authority8. IS GOD DEAD, UNCONSCIOUS, EVIL, IMPOTENT, STUPID OR JUST COUNTERFACTUAL?On Divine Inexistence Counterfactuals Retroactivity, Omnipotence, and Impotence The Twelfth Camel as One of the Names of God A Truth That Arises out of a Lie The Divine Death-DriveThe Deposed God9. JECT OR SCEND? FROM THE TRAUMATIZED SUBJECT TO SUBJECT AS TRAUMAThe Parallax of Drive and Desire Immortality as Death in Life The Troubles with Finitude Materialism or Agnosticism? A Comical Conclusion CONCLUSION: THE COURAGE OF HOPELESSNESSThe Millenarian "Exhalation of Stale Gas" Divine Violence The Points of the ImpossibleIndex
The concept of disparity haslong been a topic of obsession and argument by thinkers and theorists; but for Slavoj ?i?ek, one of the world's most famous living philosophers, what disparity and negativity could mean, might mean and should mean for us and our lives has never been more hotly debated. Disparities explores contemporary 'negative' philosophies from CatherineMalabou's plasticity, Julia Kristeva's abjection and Robert Pippin'sself-consciousness to the God of negative theology, new realisms andpost-humanism and draws a radical line under them. Instead of establishing adialogue with these other ideas of disparity, Slavoj ?i?ek establishes adefinite departure. ?i?ek employs a new kind of negativity: one of division, ofdrawing a line that separates truth from falsity.
Slavoj ?i?ek is one of the world's leading contemporary cultural critics and a hugely prolific author. He is Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, international director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, UK, and Visiting Professor at the New School for Social Research, New York, USA.

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