The Academic World in the Era of the Great War

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Marie-Eve Chagnon
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Introduction; Marie-Eve Chagnon, and Tomás Irish.- Part I: Mobilisations.- Off Campus: German Propaganda Professors in America, 1914-1917; Charlotte Lerg.-Men of Science: The British Association, Masculinity, and the First World War; Heather Ellis.- Junior Faculty, National Education and the (re) making of the Academic Community in the Russian Empire During and After the Great War; Alexander Dmitriev.-Part II: Ruptures.-'Despite Wars, Scholars Remain the Great Workers of the International'. American Sociologists and French Sociology During the First World War; Andrew Johnston.-Trinity College Dublin: An Imperial University in War and Revolution, 1914-1921; Tomás Irish.- A World in Collapse: How The Great War Shaped Waldemar Deonna's Theory on Europe's Decline; Christina Theodosiou.- Part III: Demobilisations.- 'The Domain of the Young as the Generation of the Future': Student Agency and Anglo-German Exchange After the Great War; Tara Windsor.- "Can the Science of the World Allow This?" German Academic Distress, Foreign Aid, and the Cultural Demobilization of the Academic World, 1919-1925; Elisabeth Piller.- American Scientists and the Process of Reconciliation in the International Community; Marie-Eve Chagnon.- Negotiated Truth: The Franco-German Historians Agreement of 1951 and the Long History of Cultural Demobilization After the First World War; Mona Siegel.- Conclusion: Reflections on the Academic World and the Great War: Recalling Wissenschaft Als Beruf, 1917-2017; Roy MacLeod
This book examines the ways in which scholarly expertise was mobilized during the First World War, and the consequences of this for the inter-connected academic world that had developed in the late nineteenth century. Adopting a strong international approach, the contributors to this volume examine the impact of the War on individuals, institutions, and disciplines, cumulatively demonstrating the strong afterlife of conflict for scholarly practices and academic communities across Europe and North America, in the decades following the cessation of the Great War.
Tomás Irish is Lecturer in Modern History at Swansea University, UK. He is the author of The University at War 1914-25: Britain, France and the United States (Palgrave, 2015), and Trinity in War and Revolution 1912-23 (2015).

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