System Dynamics

Soft and Hard Operational Research
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Martin Kunc
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OR Essentials

1. Introduction; Martin Kunc.- Part I. Applications of System Dynamics in Management.- 2. Resetting the Clock: A Feedback Approach to the Dynamics of Organisational Inertia, Survival and Change; E. R. Larsen and A. Lomi.- 3. Management Attitudes, Learning and Scale in Successful Diversification: A Dynamic and Behavioural Resource System View; J. D. W. Morecroft.- 4. Relevance Assumed: A Case Study of Balanced Scorecard Development Using System Dynamics; H. A. Akkermans and K. E. van Oorschot.- 5. Interpersonal Success Factors for Strategy Implementation: A Case Study Using Group Model Building; R. J. Scott, R. Y. Cavana and D. Cameron.- Part II. Methodological Developments.- 6. An Overview of Strategy and Tactics in System Dynamics Optimisation; B. C. Dangerfield and C. Roberts.- 7. Simulation by Repeated Optimisation; R. G. Coyle.- 8. Judgement and Supply Chain Dynamics; A. A. Syntetos, N. C. Georgantzas, J. E. Boylan and B. C. Dangerfield.- 9. Comparing Discrete-Event Simulation and System Dynamics: Users' Perceptions; A. A. Tako and S. Robinson.- Part III. Applications of System Dynamics at Industry Level.- 10. Modelling the Sustainability of Mass Tourism in Island Tourist Economies; Y. Xing and B. C. Dangerfield.- 11. Modelling for Policu Assessment in the Natural Gas Industry; Y. Olaya and I. Dyner.- 12. Understanding the Drivers of Broadband Adoption: The Case of Rural and Remote Scotland; S. Howick and J. Whalley.- Part IV. System Dyamics in Healthcare.- 13. System Dynamics Mapping of Acute Patient Flows; D. C. Lane and E. Husemann.- 14. Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Chlamydia Screening with Targeted Screening Strategies; D. Evenden, P. R. Harper, S. C. Brailsford and V. Harindra.- 15. Competitive Dynamics in Pharmaceutical Markets: A Case Study in the Chronic Cardiac Disease Market; M. Kunc and R. Kazakov.
This book presents some of the most important papers published in Palgrave's Journal of Operational Research relating to the use of System Dynamics (SD) in the context of Operational Research (OR). Giving the reader an in-depth understanding of significant features of the research area which have grown over the last 20 years: applications in the management field; methodologies; policies at industry level; and healthcare, this book is an invaluable read for those who do not have any prior expertise in the field. Split into four parts, the collection covers the broad use of SD in the field of management, focuses on the use of modelling in supply chains and at industry level, and presents an analysis of the use of SD in its most promising area, healthcare. Not only does this work provide a detailed overview of the field of SD, but it will also offer vital insights into potential research avenues for the future considering the use of SD as a soft OR and hard OR method.
Martin Kunc is Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, UK. Before joining academia and teaching in top business schools in the UK and Latin America, Martin was a consultant in the areas of SD and strategic management. He has published over 60 articles, books, book chapters and conference papers.

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