Women, Urbanization and Sustainability

Practices of Survival, Adaptation and Resistance
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Anita Lacey
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Gender, Development and Social Change

Introduction. Anita Lacey.- Part 1. Contesting land and tenure.- Chapter 1. Immanent Politics in the Kampungs: Gendering, Performing, and Mapping the Jakarta Economic Subject; Lisa Tilley.- Chapter 2. Barrio Women's Gendering Practices for Sustainable Urbanism in Caracas, Venezuela; Juan Velasquez Atehortua.- Part 2. Resisting water and food insecurity.- Chapter 3.Relational trajectories of urban water poverty in Lima and Dar es Salaam; Adriana Allen and Pascale Hofmann.- Chapter 4. What is Being Sustained? Sustainability and Food Exchange Sites in Istanbul; Candan Turkkan.- Part 3. Forging women's rights to the city.- Chapter 5. Politics of Urban Space: Rethinking Urban Inclusion and the Right to the City; Sudha Mohan.- Chapter 6. Disabled Women, Urbanization and Sustainable Development in Africa; Tsitsi Chataika.- Chapter 8. Fragile cities and gender based violence: the case of Rio de Janeiro; Renata A. Giannini, Peter McNamee, Giovanna B. de Miranda.
This work considers the city as a gendered space and examines women's experiences and engagement in both urbanization and sustainability. Such a focus offers distinctive insights into the question of what it means for a city to be sustainable, asking further how sustainability needs to work with gender and the gendered lives of cities' inhabitants. Vitally, it considers women's lives in cities and their work to forge more sustainable cities through a wide variety of means, including governmental, non-governmental and local grassroots and individual efforts towards sustainable urban life. The volume is transnational, offering case-studies from a wide range of city sites and sustainability efforts. It explores crucial questions such as the gendered nature and women's experiences of current urbanization; the gendered nature of urban sustainability thinking and programmes; and local alternatives and resistances to dominant modes of addressing urbanization challenges.
Anita Lacey is Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University of Auckland, New Zealand. She is an activist academic and her research, teaching and activism intersect. She has published on the governance of global poverty and the new global aid regime, on resistances to neoliberal globalization, non-governmental organizations, feminist teaching praxis, protest and gendered protest spaces, mobility, and development and women's livelihoods.

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