Cultural Policy, Innovation and the Creative Economy

Creative Collaborations in Arts and Humanities Research
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Morag Shiach
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Progress in Mathematics

Chapter 1. Introduction; Morag Shiach and Tarek E. Virani.- Chapter 2. Cultural Policy, Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange; Morag Shiach and Tarek E. Virani.- Chapter 3. Bringing the Past into the Present: Mobilising Historical Research through Creative and Digital Collaboration; John Price.- Chapter 4. Creating Archival Value in a Changing Mediascape: The "World in a Cube" Project; Ian Christie with Wendy Earle, Eleni Liarou, Karen Merkel, Akim Mogaji.- Chapter 5. Consumer As Producer; Value Mechanics in Digital Transformation Design Process, Practice and Outcomes; Karen Cham.- Chapter 6. Goldsmiths Digital: Research and Innovation in the Creative Economy; Mick Grierson.- Chapter 7. Getting Inside the Creative Voucher: The Platform 7 Experience; Andy Pratt and John McKiernan.- Chapter 8. Devising Bespoke Art and Design Interventions for a Dialysis Community; Rachel Louis and Luise Vormittag.- Chapter 9. The BeatWoven Project; Noam Shemtov.- Chapter 10. At Home with Collaboration: Building and Sustaining a Successful University-Museum Partnerships; Alastair Owens, Eleanor John and Alison Blunt.- Chapter 11. Connections-Movements-Treasures: Unlocking the Potential of the June Givanni Pan African Cinema Archive; Emma Sandon and June Givanni.- Chapter 12. Process as Outcome: Research across Borders; Caspar Melville.- Chapter 13. Social Art Map: Reflections on a Creative Collaboration; Emily Druiff and Sophie Hope.- Chapter 14. Making Friends: Childhood, the Cultural Economy and Creative Collaboration through Technology; Tessa Whitehouse and Emilie Giles.- Chapter 15. Outside the Voucher: Evaluating the Creative Voucher Scheme; Andy Pratt, Helen Matheson-Pollock, and Tarek E. Virani.- Chapter 16. Creative Collaborations: The Role of Networks, Power and Policy; Roberta Comunian.
This book develops important new insights into the conditions that enable effective collaborations between arts and humanities researchers and SMEs in the creative economy. Drawing on the work of Creativeworks London, an AHRC-funded Knowledge Exchange Hub for the Creative Economy, this is an in-depth study of how co-created and collaborative research projects work on the ground and will be of immense value to all these audiences. Chapters by researchers and practitioners examine a range of collaborative research projects supported by Creativeworks London's vouchers, which cover a large number of creative industry sectors and academic disciplines. The book identifies key learning from these projects that has wider relevance for academics, funders, policy makers, and SMEs in the creative economy.
Morag Shiach is Professor of Cultural history at Queen Mary University of London, UK, where she is also Director of Creativeworks London and Vice-Principal for Humanities and Social Sciences. Her publications include Modernism, Labour and Selfhood in British Literature and Culture; Feminism and Cultural Studies; Hélène Cixous: A Politics of Writing; and Discourse on Popular Culture.

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