Europeanization in a Global Context

Integrating Turkey into the World Polity
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Didem Buhari Gulmez
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Europe in a Global Context

Introduction: Locating the Missing Link: From European to Global and Back Again.- Part I: Opening Pandora's Box: Europeanizations in plural.- 1. From Europe to Europeanization: a Bridge too far?.- 2. Strategic Consequentiality versus Normative Appropriateness.- 3. Introducing Ritualized Europeanization.- Part II: Europeanization alla Turca: Expanding Rights and Rites.- 4. Reform and Resistance in Turkey: A Case Sui Generis?.- 5. Democracy and Good Governance in Turkey: Europeanization as a Gateway.- 6. Turkey's Cyprus dilemma: Europeanization as a Gatekeeper.- 7. Foreigner Rights in Turkey: From Sèvres Syndrome to Decoupled Europeanization.- Conclusion: The Promise of Ritualized Europeanization.
This book puts forward an original approach to Europeanization in a global context. Following the world polity approach, the author establishes the missing link between global, European and domestic realms and reveals the multiplicity of dynamics and logics driving the reform process in European Union candidate countries. A range of other topics are investigated, including whether Europeanization is only driven by parochial strategic interests or by broader normative concerns and how we can make sense of the selectivity in domestic compliance with the EU without succumbing to binary thinking.Focusing on the critical case of Turkey, the book puts forward three varieties of Europeanization: strategic, normative and ritualized, which underlie the complex dynamics that drive the reform processes in EU candidate countries. It will be of interest to scholars and students with an interest in Sociology, Political Science, International Relations, Globalization, Europeanization, European Studies and Turkish Studies.
Didem Buhari Gulmez is Lecturer of International Relations at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, Turkey. She was previously Postdoctoral Fellow at London School of Economics, UK and Oxford Brookes University, UK.

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