A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics

A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics
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Groups, Hilbert Space and Differential Geometry, Academic/professional/technical: Research and professional
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Peter Szekeres
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Preface; 1. Sets and structures; 2. Groups; 3. Vector spaces; 4. Linear operators and matrices; 5. Inner product spaces; 6. Algebras; 7. Tensors; 8. Exterior algebra; 9. Special relativity; 10. Topology; 11. Measure theory and integration; 12. Distributions; 13. Hilbert space; 14. Quantum theory; 15. Differential geometry; 16. Differentiable forms; 17. Integration on manifolds; 18. Connections and curvature; 19. Lie groups and lie algebras.
This book provides an introduction to the major mathematical structures used in physics today. Topics covered include group theory, Lie algebras, topology, Hilbert space and differential geometry. Important theories of physics such as classical and quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and special and general relativity are also developed in detail. The book is suitable as a textbook for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students. It includes numerous exercises and worked examples, to test the readers understanding of the various concepts, as well as extending the themes covered in the main text.
PETER SZEKERES received his PhD from King s College London in 1964, in the area of general relativity. He subsequently held research and teaching positions at Cornell University, King s College and the University of Adelaide, where he stayed from 1971 till his recent retirement. Currently he is a Visiting Research Fellow at that institution. He is well known internationally for his research in general relativity and cosmology, and has a good reputation for his teaching and lecturing.

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