ACTA Numerica 2002: Volume 11

ACTA Numerica 2002: Volume 11
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11, ACTA Numerica

1. Structured inverse eigenvalue problems Moody T. Chu and Gene H. Golub; 2. Subdivision schemes in geometric modelling Nira Dyn and David Levin; 3. Adjoint methods for PDEs: a posteriori error analysis and postprocessing by duality Michael B. Giles and Endre Suli; 4. Finite elements in computational electromagnetism Ralf Hiptmair; 5. Splitting methods Robert I. McLachlan and G. Reinout W. Quispel; 6. Topological techniques for efficient rigourous computation in dynamics Konstantin Mischaikow; 7. The immersed boundary method Charles S. Peskin; 8. Numerical methods for large eigenvalue problems Danny C. Sorensen.
Acta Numerica surveys annually the most important developments in numerical mathematics and scientific computing. The subjects and authors of the substantive survey articles are chosen by a distinguished international editorial board so as to report the most important and timely developments in a manner accessible to the wider community of professionals with an interest in scientific computing. Acta Numerica volumes have proved to be a valuable tool not only for researchers and professionals wishing to develop their understanding of numerical techniques and algorithms and follow new developments, but also as an advanced teaching aid at colleges and universities. Many of the original articles have been used as the prime resource for graduate courses.
Previous books by this editor: Acta Numerica 1992 - 2001 (Vols 1 - 10); as author: First Course in the Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations (0521 553768), Approximation Theory and Optimization (0521 581907)

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