Global Trade Analysis

Global Trade Analysis
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Modeling and Applications
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Thomas W. Hertel
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Foreword Alan A. Powell; Part I. Introduction and Overview: 1. Introduction Thomas W. Hertel; Part II. Structure of GTAP Framework: 2. Structure of GTAP Thomas W. Hertel and Marinos E. Tsigas; 3. Overview of the GTAP data base Mark Gehlhar, Denice Gray, Thomas W. Hertel, Karen Huff, Elena Ianchovichina, Bradley J. McDonald, Robert McDougall, Marinos E. Tsigas, and Randall Wigle; 4. GTAP Behavior parameters Karen Huff, Kevin Hanslow, Thomas W. Hertel, and Marinos E. Tsigas; 5. Aggregation and computation of equilibrium elasticities Thomas W. Hertel, D. Kent Lanclos, Kenneth R. Pearson, and Padma V. Swaminathan; 6. Implementing GTAP using the GEMPACK software Kenneth R. Pearson; Part III. Applications of GTAP: 7. Developing country expansion and relative wages in industrial countries Robert McDougall and Rod Tyers; 8. An evaluation of the Cairns Group strategies for agriculture in the Uruguay Round Donald MacLaren; 9. Free trade in the Pacific Rim: on what basis?Linda M. Young and Karen Huff; 10. Evaluating the benefits of abolishing the MFA in the Uruguay Round packageMarinos E. Tsigas, George B. Frisvold, and Betsey Kuhn; 12. Environmental policy modeling Carlo Perroni and Randall Wigle; 13. Multimarket effects of agricultural research with technological spillovers George B. Frisvold; Part IV. Evaluation of GTAP: 14. Historical analysis of growth and trade patterns in the Pacific Rim: An evaluation of the GTAP framework Mark Gehlhar; 15. Implications for global trade analysis Thomas W. Hertel; Glossary of GTAP notation.
This book, drawn from the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP), aims to help readers conduct quantitative analysis of international trade issues in an economy-wide framework.

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