New Advances in Transcendence Theory

New Advances in Transcendence Theory
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Alan Baker
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Preface; Contributors; 1. On effective approximations to cubic irrationals A. Baker and C. L. Stewart; 2. Applications of measure theory and Haudorff dimension to the theory of Diophantine approximation V. I. Bernik; 3. Galois representations and transcendental numbers D. Bertrand; 4. Some new results on algebraic independance of E-functions F. Beukers; 5. Algebraic values of hypergeometric functions F. Beukers and J. Wolfart; 6. Some new applications of an inequality of Mason B. Brindza; 7. Aspects of the Hilbert Nullstellensatz W. D. Brownawell; 8. On the irrationality of certain series: problems and results P. Erdos; 9. S-unit equations and their applications J.-H. Evertse, K. Gyory, C. L. Stewart and R. Tijdeman; 10. Decomposable form equations J.-H. Evertse and K. Gyory; 11. On Gelfond's method N. I. Feldman; 12. On effective bounds for certain linear forms A. I. Galochkin; 13. Automata and transcendence J. H. Loxton; 14. The study of Diphantine equations over function fields R. C. Mason; 15. Linear relations on algebraic groups D. W. Masser; 16. Estimates for the number of zeros of certain functions Yu. V. Nesterenko; 17. An applications of the S-unit theorem to modular forms on T0(N) R. W. K. Odoni; 18. Lower bounds for linear forms in logarithms P. Philippon and M. Waldschmidt; 19. Reducibility of lacunary polynomials, IX A. Schinzel; 20. The number of solutions of Thue equations W. M. Schmidt; 21. On arithmetic properties of the values of E-functions A. B. Shidlovsky; 22. Some exponential Deiophantine equations T. N. Shorey; 23. Arithmetic specialisations theory V. G. Sprindzuk; 24. On the transcendence methods of Gelfond and Scheider in several variables M. Waldschmidt; 25. A new approach to Baker's theorem on linear forms in logarithms III G. Wustholz; 26. Linear forms in logarithms in the p-adic case Kunrui Yu.
The papers cover all the main branches of the subject, and include not only definitive research but valuable survey articles.

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